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It is the empathy with the customer problem that matters — getting into their workspace and feeling the customer problem firsthand. It requires humility of the innovator to understand that their solution may not solve the problem.

Such is surely an absolutely vital requirement and innate systemic ability/facility within an innovator’s workspace, with the constant realisation/reminder to oneself that the solution may not solve the problem [one’s humility] the magic source sauce that guarantees constant further innovation and leading program development of problematic customer needs and feeds and seeds.

To find such a prime innovator provider in fine tune with a struggling customer’s real needs in a novel space of endeavour is indeed a rare occasion and treat to jealously and zealously cherished and celebrated.

A terrified difficulty though does make an appearance on the surface and throughout the body of that pleasant union/singularity of great mutually beneficial purpose, and it is gravely to be regarded with all due diligence arraigned against its petrified malignant forces, for established formerly leading instrumental status quo elements, now fully recognised to be struggling and failing in a fundamentally changed and rapidly changing novel environment, will be liable and accountable for resistance against any sort of necessary major disruptive changes/solutions proposed and advised to be guaranteed proven extremely successful and failsafe in already comprehensively betatested live field trials/stealthy covert and clandestine deployments ……. and they would be likely to be sowing all manner of phantom doubt in the customer before the fact causing that engaging primary initial contact between traditional status quo customer/client and practically previously unknown and novel innovative provider to be overly delayed …….. and thus is the leading prime initial command and control advantage threatened and always naturally lost to one’s opponents and any competition elsewhere in need of or simply desirous of a similar understood situation/reality/JOINT AIdVenture.

IT nowadays has for any effective absolute exercise of grand and greater geo-political and universal existential humanistic command and control morphed in the Bigger Picture into a whole new series of Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays. And weaponised, by that and those with the ability to play nice together rather do battle apart, are they Almightily Invincible and Absolutely Indestructible which coincidentally and paradoxically also makes them an extremely comforting and the most friendly of deadly dangerous allies.

To enjoy all the benefits of such, all IT requires is one small Quantum Leap for Humanity and Man’s Kind.

The leading question posed and left hanging here on this National DEFENSE Magazine thread is ….. Are Uncle Sam and the Pentagon, the Fed and Wall Street and the wider wild West prepared for Quantum Leaping and ready to invite and/or initiate preternatural primary engagement with that which and/or those who may or may not be more than just au fait and experienced in much more than just the presently widely unknown …….. or will the exotic and/or erotic and/or erratic East explore and experiment with the opportunity and lay waste collaterally to the intransigent and terrified West …… for those are live valid choices for pioneering leadership which are also available to any other interested parties whether they be private or pirate or public enterprise faced ‽ .

The World as we have known it, is changed. Get with the Novel ProgramMING or Fail Catastrophically Surprisingly Quickly is Advice to Heed and Seed in Order to Survive Well and Prosper Extraordinarily in the Future.


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