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Re: TLDR: no

I’ll be responding when I can make a coherent argument other than “just f**k off” and I encourage us all to do the same. Otherwise those of us in the UK may wake up to find we’re no-longer allowed to perform part of our jobs without jumping through hoops and paying for the privilege. …..MrReynolds2U

It is one of those perplexing enigmatic mysteries, which maybe can be solved with the addition of greater education and further information, as to quite why you would not be realising that is the effective current but not successful default position for those otherwise engaged in any leading and sensitive and able to be highly disruptive but also overwhelmingly creative and exceedingly destructive PACT* activities which can inspire and aspire and conspire to enquire, encourage and engage with exceptional talents in …….. well, to reveal further of the workings of the future from here on in, if the truth be told, does the narrative naturally necessarily fork and morph into quite distinctively different but similarly surreal and almost equally powerful quantum divides which easily present themselves in one guise as MkUltra TS/SCI Cyber Space Missions for Spooky Pirate Paramilitary and Publicly Politically Funded and Private Military Contractor Use and Abuse and in another elite crack hacker team cloak, Stealthy AWE**some Instruments of and in a Collaborative Future Augmented Virtualised Reality JOINT*** AIdventure.

And delving ever deeper into and enquiring much further of the divide can reveal quite obviously so much more of a previously totally unknown conditioning/program than anyone/anything can presently handle, and thus can all be too easily absolutely terrified and thoroughly terrorised by it.

And if you feel that you just must, and there will surely be those who cannot stop themselves from helping themselves to the open invitation, step sprightly along that path with the utmost of caution and care for there be many an unforgiving pitfall on the journey to capture and eliminate the deservedly worthy and unwary of their designated fate.

*……… Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat
** …….Almighty Weaponised Environment
*** ……JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies

[I suppose there be those who would say, for all that they might understand of the above, that it could have been written in Chinese or Russian or Arabic for all that they understood, which is an interesting thought to explore and discover what other places/spaces are able to see and comprehend/extropolate. Methinks though, the likes of a Google Translate or a DeepL machine might struggle too long and too hard to make any great of sense of it. 🙂 That though may be just the arrogance/ignorance of humanity speaking there, struggling as it does to not completely lose the plot to A.N.Others :-)]


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It should be well noted, and widely shared from the likes of here, that if the evolving Live Synthetic Training Environments are not found to be suitably advanced enough and to AWEsome Warfighter Experience requirements, the Pentagon can always avail itself of the more mature and well betatested and already successfully stealthily deployed alternative exercising leaderships for Remote Command and Autonomous and Relatively Anonymous Control in and for ITs Augmentation and Practical Realisation in Live Operational Virtual Environment Theatres of Universal Engagement.

And any special relationship would surely permit a genuine true ally to enquire of a UKGBNI Holywood Palace Barracks type Operation for more info/intel on that very particular and extremely peculiar portfolio of programs, should they deny any knowledge of it, be assured they are far from telling the truth …… and that might be inordinately worrying for some …. to say the least.



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