amanfromMars 1 Fri 28 Jan 10:01 [2201281001] ……. explains further on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/01/27/galaxy_radio_magnetar/

Re: Lizards and Alienating Interventions akin to Foreign AIgent Invasions

Encoded commands to the lizard-people who are “governing” the UK? ….. Pen-y-gors

MI5 and the MoD specifically, and MI6 and GCHQ incidentally, and anything else, anywhere else internationally and internetionally trying to effectively govern and influence everything else ….. and thus does that not include any Parliamentary political party types so adept at proving themselves to be unfit and incapable of governing and administering anything other than chaos and mayhem/FUD and SNAFU ……. are tested for their desire and therefore suitability to display an engaged and energising future facility in being able to mentor and monitor, deliver and maintain and retain and sustain leading success in novel global theatres of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Engagement …….. Remote Virtually Autonomous and Relatively Anonymous Command for Absolute Control with the likes of such messages as be transparently Registered and coded for all to see and pass comment on with the following being a prime exemplar of such a one elsewhere on this very thread ……. a Per Ardua ad Astra MetaDataBase Take for Holywood Palace Barracks type Makeovers on Red Virtual Terrain Team Army Manoueuvres ……

And just like time and tide, such engagements wait for no man and tardy or retarded human team members.

And the military and secret and security services are particularly and peculiarly targeted there/here/everywhere because it is they who are always traditionally tasked with clearing up after any and all disasters which others create and driver, and that dereliction of duty in preventing such actions from others in the first instance are no longer deemed acceptable and unavoidable ……. for new programs with almighty weapons and fantastic tools are now easily freely available to solve that perverse problem/eliminate that corrupt solution to that and/or those fully prepared and able or enabled and entitled to wield them.

Things have changed more than just radically and fundamentally out there. Deny it and try to prevent its progress and one will suffer inordinately for one’s troubles ….. and be thoroughly worthily deserving of one’s woes.


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