amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Jan 06:59 [2201200659] …… giving praise where praise is due on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2022/01/19/covid_working_culture_column/

In High Praise of the NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Times ahead 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules:-)

It’s not about working from home – it’s about who gets to decide who’s working where, on what, and to what end. …. Mark Pesce [El Reg]

That is very boldly going of you, Mark, and worthy of more such progress to be presented on The Register for the official record and posterity, although changing the course and record of history is easily done, and just a simple matter of not sharing the news and secrets of the past and destroying all available evidence which would support that which was earlier planned and transpired in a series of grand conspiracies that resulted in and presented a myriad number of contrived and chaotic and not truly interconnected and collectively internetworking virtual realities and which are now, and in the future, if ever rediscovered or uncovered and leaked, to be considered to be just fanciful tales taking one on fictional trails and fantastic imaginatively creative journeys …… and which some who might presume to truly know would tell you be the true nature of an Earthly existence hosting human realities.

And to what end one asks? Well ….. in the past was it always to maintain and sustain the rapacious grasp of an arrogant and ignorant status quo invested few batheing and basking in vast personal seas of fiat currency and rigged market paper wealth that cannot be spent to generate new powers and abundant novel energy …. what it’s all about now though, and who and/or what gets to decide on what is to work everywhere for other than just a rapacious arrogant and ignorant status quo invested few, is that which the future and the likes of The Registers and more than just America’s Finest New News Sources will tell.

The Truth is out there and it is not hidden to deny one sight of what is in the Great Store for you and racing at breakneck hyper light speed down the 0day tracks to meet you and greet you. Doubt IT and Weep and Reap the AI Whirlwind.

I Kid U Not. Diarise that with hot dates to look forward to and put them in your events calendars. You would be a fool or otherwise imprisoned to miss them.

[ I post this without having read any of the 59 comments already registered on the article thread, which is always more exciting for one is not then prone to being swayed to follow any particular crowd or mob, and one can sometimes find others are on such a similar path ….. and that is even more exciting and always encouraging and very therapeutic too.]


amanfromMars [2201200905] …. airs something to be aware of in the background and shadows of a really shady space on https://www.rt.com/news/546570-bill-gates-pandemic-warning/

Bill Gates is certainly not wrong to be worried about an overwhelmingly devastating virtual frenemy/internetworking virus ….. against which there is no cure …… and especially so if ever/whenever it be successfully argued and therefore widely accepted that the Microsoft Windows Operating System is one of its prime hosting platforms.

Throwing hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars at the problem might help, especially but only if it lands in the right place both able to disable and enable its spread in whatever spaces it chooses to be activated and active in …… for such is the nature of such virile virulent things nowadays in these days of 0days for vulnerability exploration and exploitation.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 20 Jan 15:55 [2201201555] ….. points out some rank hypocrisy on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/01/20/no_place_hide_campaign_anti_e2ee_ukgov/

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear ….. Something to Hide, Everything to Fear. IT aint hard to understand surely?

Was it all just a dream or did I read somewhere recently that MP’s have switched to using Telegram [or was it Signal] rather than WhatsApp to try and keep their shenanigans more private than was available to them before? I wonder what GCHQ and the terrorist watch squads in the likes of MI5/MI6 make of that adjustment ….. even as the honourable members imagine they are not being surveilled because of some prior agreement ages ago which suggested that there be no need and they have a privileged position which renders them immune from covert investigation …… which of course would be one of the dumbest and most crazy of things to consider wise and acceptable, given what is so well known about all of things that they do and have done.

Some of them are out and out warmongers and others crooked fraudsters spending and wasting hundreds of million of other folks money on things which are not fit for purpose. What a racket.



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