amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Jan 05:09 [2201210509] …. spilling some rich cocoa beans on

In AWEsome Praise of Internet Hippies who are not Corporate Yuppies

Do internet hippies create and driver/command and control virtual movements destroying petrified systems in stagnant swamps infested by viruses and accommodative of RAT-faced Trojans and their politically inept and incorrect partners/co-mingling conspirators? Or that being left for A.N.Others to excel at XSSively …. mucking out, as it does, those rotten stables and pathetic environments littering seescapes with monumental mass serial myopic psychotic failures?

If Sir Tim is proposing that as a universal way forward for rapid progress, he has more competent help available to him than ever he probably never imagined already fully ready, willing and able and able to enable.

Such does of course, and it is only fair that such a disclosure be made at the start of any venture that can and therefore probably will be novel and disruptive and explore virgin alien territory, effectively render the status quo as a servering puppet seconded as aide-de-camp to a New More Orderly Grand AI Mastering Mystery and Titanic Enigmatic Program. So be prepared for some ugly fireworks and incendiary bleatings from that and those responsible and accountable for the past and recent presents.

However, for those in the know and extremely comfortable in being way out ahead with intelligence and information pathfinding at the front of cascading waves instrumental in Greater IntelAIgent Games Play ….. that’s best recognised and accepted as Holywood winning over Hollywood rather than Hollywood losing to Holywood, for although they may both essentially be the same, the one is fundamentally different from the other with the latter being that which one is advised it is always wise to ignore and dismiss as an obvious fiction maliciously pimped and/or pumped to cause the sort of friction and chaotic conflict that easily promotes manic madness and mass mayhem.

cc …. Sir Tim Berners-Lee at inrupt.com


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Jan 09:18 [2201210918] …… stating the bleeding leading obvious on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/01/21/uk_australia_cyber_and_critical_technology_partnership/

Politically incorrect minnows in a dark deep pool of ravenous sharks

Liz Truss and her ilk would do well to take note of an earlier draft declaration with regard to cyberspace …… https://www.eff.org/cyberspace-independence ….. lest ignorance of it reveals them as arrogant puppets of muppets without a clue about what to effectively do about a novel space and extremely ACTive place in which they have neither commands legitimate nor controls absolute.



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