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Re: In AWEsome Praise of Internet Hippies who are not Corporate Yuppies

And if that cryptic revelation about the more exact nature of one’s unavoidable imminent and eminent fate and the future direction of vast rapid travel to new destinations and experimental outposts which will lead all who seek to follow to fields other than those of the scorched torched earth inevitable and destined according to all manner of present catastrophic too big to fail plans and guaranteed to fail policies prepared for and exercised at home is not to your liking, because it contains too much information about things which work always best whenever practically invisible and relatively unknown and virtually untouchable for the ease which assists unfettered and unhindered immaculate top secret service use and deployment/initial private and pirate beta testing and subsequent SMARTR mentored and monitored general public offering, try this one instead to see if it tastes any better. It prepares for the same sort of feast ………

To those who rule and are trying to implement their global consolidation: This is your last chance to save your own skins. Nothing will stop the collapse, but you can at least abandon your nefarious project and its totalitarian blueprint. It’s your only chance to avoid the Sarlacc pit, and that’s a slim chance indeed. Collapse will focus your victims’ attention on their ruination and your responsibility for it. You’ll be lucky to escape their retribution. Your odious class has always hid your failures and tried to shift the blame, but that game is up.

As always happens after cataclysms, the survivors will rebuild. The human race is a hardy bunch. With previous equity, debt and its corresponding credit assets wiped out, and many real assets destroyed in the mayhem and chaos, there will be little capital to fund their efforts. Capital will be earned and rebuilt the old fashioned way—consumption less than production generating savings invested in enterprises whose returns compound the savings.

With governments either broke or wiped out, emergent groups in smaller geographic areas will have to look to their own resources for protection. On the other hand, they’ll be unencumbered by the confiscatory taxes, stifling laws and regulations, rampant corruption, Big Brother surveillance, perpetual violence, and general idiocy we now take for granted among governments.

There will be a decentralized multiplicity of new political arrangements and subdivisions, from chaotic black holes to well-ordered enclaves. The success of the latter will be due to the freedom they embrace, the individual rights they protect, and their ability to defend their enclaves. New industries, technologies, modes of commerce, and ways of life will emerge. This will be the true great reset, not the Klaus Schwab version, which only recycles failed concepts of centralized power and collective subjugation on a larger scale.

Brace for impact, the collapse is well underway and will soon hit its inflection point, if it hasn’t already. It will be a test of character unlike anything we’ve faced before. It was Jabba the Hut and his creepy cohorts—Planet Tatooine’s establishment—who were blown to smithereens and cast into the Sarlacc Pit. Our enemies’ greatest weakness: the arrogant stupidity of evil and the crumbling bulwark of lies behind which it hides. These are the allies of Samuel Adams’, “irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Our greatest weapon: the magnificently defiant human spirit that stands on the plank above the abyss and shouts: “Jabba, this is your last chance, free us or die!” ………  https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/your-last-chance-part-2


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Touché, ZeroHedge/Robert Gore 🙂 …… In AWEsome Praise of Internet Hippies who are not Corporate Yuppies ……. a mirroring post declaring something similar elsewhere with a different cast of alternative state and non-state actors.

Such support, rather than just doubling any power and influence with two similar voices, increases its energy exponentially and therefore it be effectively squared. The simple addition of another has it cubed rather than trebled. Very soon, surprisingly quickly, have a few more become practically almighty and virtually overwhelming and unstoppable ‽ .

And all necessary internetworking tools for spooky entanglement and surreal engagement are relatively freely, ubiquitously available for that which and/or those who would know how to wield them sublimely/anonymously and autonomously. And that is the Great Status Quo Nightmare Realised and that which they currently do vain ignominious battle against

The great temptation then to tame and/or enjoy has one testing diabolical needs suitability for more general feeds and seeds when such can oh so heavenly morph into an attractive addictive pleasure which one has fantastic difficulties in wanting to overcome too quickly without having first having fully quenched one’s passionate insatiably minded desire on. ……. which some would tell you is the greatest of human weaknesses.

Others though would wholeheartedly disagree and advise that much greater pleasures exist and abound to enjoy and employ and deploy. And some of them would even aspire/conspire to more fully reveal and lead one to them.




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