amanfromMars [2201231335] …… asks on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/natos-space-policy-outlines-readiness-jointly-respond-attacks-space

The document says, “Many threats to Allies’ space systems originate in the cyber domain and are likely to increase.”

Does NATO or any of its threatening Allies presume and assume to be responsible and unaccountable for any unquestioned supreme leadership role exercising primary virtual command and remote anonymous and autonomous control  of cyberspace with an increasing number of cyber domains?

Upon what basis would that assumption/presumption be able to be justified and accepted by anyone/anything that would realise it untenable and an impossible stretch for even the most active and agreeable of imaginations?

Have such similar empire building escapades over the last few centuries not taught them anything about the guaranteed folly and self-destructive result of such discriminatory ventures ‽ .


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