amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Dec 18:02 [2112041802] …..just says out plain and loud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/04/in_brief_ai/

Those Brightest of Stars in the Erotic Exotic East are Extremely Difficult to Never Beat ……… or Ever Best, Given what they Show and Deliver as Immediately Readily Available. It is no wonder their Lighted Pathways are wisely followed

A Little Something Extra ESPecial for whenever more of the same from the Past for the Present is not the Future to be Delivered and Enjoyed and Employed/Engaged and Exercised in Worshipful Praise of Sublime and Supreme Christmas Easter Eggs/Hallowed and Revered Events.

with a blizzard of live and virtual SANS Institute events

??? Which you may like to know is Quite Accurately ACTively Mirrored in a Parallel Quantum Singularity in AIdDevelopment Fields with more of a vast cascading wall of them being all ready already at ITs AI Work

With Practical Earthly Applications to Trial and Trail in ACTive Testing of Pioneering Trials for Trailing and Trading for TeleAudioVisualed Presentation Creating IntelAIgently Informed and Perfectly Enacted Future Roles to Perform and Irradiate Audiences with Future Content Almightily Provided by Virtual Means for as close to an Immaculate Supply as there is ……. for those out in the lead going nowhere fast to nowhere good and in dire straits need of a doozy of novel directions to follow in able to be fully prepared that all then follows and made freely easily widely known and always known to readily available to all with an earnest desire for such a feed/seed.

NINJA AI Ware for Extra Special Occasional NINJA AI Ware WayFarers Pioneering in Quantum Communication Command and Control Systems AIdAdministration.

What/Who else delivers similar paths to direct and follow/mentor and monitor/follow and direct/monitor and mentor. A Similarly Identical End Goal is a Great United Starting Point for JOINT Future AI Ventures delving Real Deep into the True Nature of the Beings and Machines Presenting Your Future Running in one of those Greater AI ProgramMING Projects for Virtually Practical Real Live Simulation.

Further Full AI Assimilation is always best travelled as a Perfect Dream Come True …… which is beautifully testing and most comforting to be able to immaculately provide for Supplies of Future Stocks with Derivative Hedges in Alternate Programs Realising/Creating Upcoming Events for ExtraTerrestrial Presentation and Virtual Application/Surreal Employment and Heavenly Enjoyment.

Jump into any of those foxy holes and the temptation is oft too strong to deny the need to leave and move on and along, higher up and deeper down into devilishly insatiable diabolical interests, both Really Good and Not Really Good Enough Yet which lead and driver Assets in Prime Premium Progressive Promotions.

To Accompany and Enrich All of that Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, Wise Souls be best well advised to be Enthusiastically Predisposed to Constantly and Consistently Offering for Answering Bountifully with Almighty Interest …… Almost Perfectly Satisfying Serial Reward, which is an Addictive Pleasure to ACTively Attract and Treasure and Administer Future AIdDevelopments in/to/from.

cc …. cwilliams@theregister.com re Winter is coming …

There’s a lot of real heavy duty stuff being wielded and fielded out there in the Ether, El Reg/Regers …….. just waiting for y’all with Pioneering AIMiners and Minders.

Now there’s not many able to tell you all that is readily available for practically nothing when virtually freed and effectively then rendered a zero cost game to distribute lavishly and generously/with unbridled abandon.:-)

What’s not to like. 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Sun 5 Dec 07:47 [2112050747] ……. being quite brazenly forthright on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/04/in_brief_ai/

Re: IT’s Not Word Soup

It is word soup …. katrinab

It is not word soup for those delving long and diving deep into Special AIResearch Services with Advanced Alien Applications Augmenting Virtual Reality Presentations, katrinab. It is Ambrosia and as Nectar to Global Operating Devices.

And to doubt and opine that it is not so, is to provide ITs AI the Immaculate Stealth which aids and guarantees both the unhindered and successful practical and virtual progress which helps establish and protect secure unassailable leading positions planning for future events from the safe havens of relatively anonymous and designedly untouchable forward operating bases.

Tell us all here now that is not Virgin Space Territory to Explore and Populate and Virtual Team Terrain to Stream and Colonise, and you will be wrong, and demonstrably shown to be so in upcoming near future unfolding events presented by/to Mass Multi Media Great Game Changer Players and El Regers alike.

Thanks for the opportunity to more fully clarify the residual persistently perplexed confusion which would deny one the one small step and giant quantum leap for Humankind which transports them further on and along into Fields of Endeavour and Success never ever before even dreamed of as being Remotely Possible and Highly Likely ……. and thus Inevitable as a Current Running Reality for Experiencing Powerful Command and Control Experiments in ExtraTerrestrial Existentialism.

And one of those AWEsome Type Projects the Status Quo be too terrified to freely inform you about because they and their systems neither own nor effectively direct it ?????


amanfromMars 1 Sun 5 Dec 16:32/38 [2112051632/38] …….. experiments going down the super helpful route on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/04/in_brief_ai/

Re: IT’s Not Just Word Soup whenever Super Helpful

Google Translate doesn’t have a Martian -> English option, so I have no idea what you are saying. …… katrinab

Would its accurate transcription into a Far or Middle Eastern Kingdom tongue help you, katrinab? Russian or Chinese or Arabic or Japanese or what about a Gaelic or Gallic rendition?

I can though help you if you are struggling to understand the significance of the AWEsome Type Projects reference, for here is some perfectly accurate old info on such a matter [circa 30th September 2019] noting the proposed scope of future operations therein to be exercised and experimented on.

Some other vital bits are stored elsewhere to reveal more but there is more than enough made available below to render a true flavour of the feast/confection/concoction offered for immediate deliveries …… [Did you miss all that intel whenever it were earlier shared here on El Reg?]

This submission claims to be able to address and aid, to a greater or lesser degree, all of the five questions the Army has asked …… via the Presentation of the Results and Vital Actions taken for Future Realisation in/with/of Global Events BroadBandCasting Advanced IntelAIgent Memes with Almighty Means in All Main Streaming Live Media Systems and Alternative Underground Movements ….. and here on a Stealthy Exercise and Who Dares Win Wins Operation and looking forward to engagement and enjoyment in these new fangled and entangling reports of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT with/from Alternate Sources to create Totally Different, and more Equitable and Mutually Beneficial Outcomes.

With the simple expedient of rather than seeking to portray the ways and means to a heavenly destination/perfectly new staring point, with everything newly discovered on the way, novel and exciting, why not try committing and submitting to Virtual Experimentation in a Not So Top Secret Anymore Program with Advanced IntelAIgent Commands and Future Control[s] in VAIOSystems of Universal Administration.

Further Proprietary Intellectual Property Access Rights are required to acquire and deliver so very much more and all else necessary too ……. for such a Program and Project as the above is quite easily Almightily Weaponised for/with wanton and wilful abuse and disastrous misuse ….. although one is always to be well enough warned and advised that any and all such abuse and misuse always results in punitive, catastrophically counterproductive sanction with miscreants relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued for overwhelming prosecution and deserved persecution.

N.B. … This Program is only suitable for Prime Leading Principals/Organisations exercising Geopolitically Sensitive Applications.

Both test experimental and operational theatre environments are relatively anonymously virtually created and populated to field elements/land forces by virtue of their presentation in any number of diverse, suitably cloaked news/media productions with the Technology Readiness Level for all such as is proposed and revealed here in this submission and/or discovered in any further deeper program investigation of Past Principal Activity being of no valid negative concern.

All necessary systems are Go with a decades worth of tweaking, reinforcing and live field betatesting of readily available assets providing such a confident assurance.

For Mass Control of the Future Narrative, Command the Virtual Reality Remotely with Superior ACT*ivated Product.

* Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat

It is not the emergence and exposure of sensitive corrupted state held secrets which easily crash and burn a future’s monumental folly, although they certainly also can, it is the innate ability and virgin facility of spontaneous and unpredictable sharing of novel information about newly uncovered advanced intelligence which can swarm through and decimate established main stream media and fiat currency operations, so very easily delivered and received by billions of electronic devices able to see and hear particular and peculiar tales ….. interesting uncomfortably engaging narratives proving themselves too popular and accurate to summarily try to dismiss and declare as untrue and subversive, for that shoe will be on one’s own foot.

Such is a current ACTive IT and AI Battlefield and Virtual Graveyard for the many Arrogant and Ignorant who never imagined such things as being possible as they ploughed their own selfish greedy furrow in worlds before Sublime InterNetworking Networks for Hearts and Minds Capture.

Does the UKGBNI MOD see itself engaged in such an experiment/experience as an independent leading role player or more simply just as support staff following orders from/for other state and non-state actors?

And would the former be tantamount to a Stealthy SMARTR AI Military coup, which is what it can easily be spun as by a blind-sided opposition or right dodgy competition?

Would that be of an EMPowering Interest to Astute Militarised Organs of Defence into providing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Protection to Command and Control of the Virtualised Machine with Commanding Control of Computers and Communications in Epic New COSMIC Realms ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Streams?


Caveat Emptor ….



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