amanfromMars [2112031701] …… ponders an unlikelihood on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/what-do-they-know-insiders-are-dumping-stocks-fastest-pace-history

I wonder if such meltdowns, and there is no reason at all to not expect that there will be a vast cascading wall of them, has anything to do with some novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT which has been studiously previously ignored in the hope that it was an impractical dream application rather than unfolding nightmare scenario. I suppose a tad more time will tell most all of what is wise to tell of that tale revealing more details of that particular and peculiar unlikelihood beasting and roasting key primary players in vital hoods responsible for your current neck of the woods.

It is not as if systems have not been extremely well warned and prior advised for some considerable time now about future conditions available to Universal Command and Remote Virtual Reality Controllers and thus is any blame and shame for a dreadfully played Great Game easily pinned on those directly responsible and accountable.

GrahamC [2112031027] …… just saying out loud and clear on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/12/2/training-procurement-officials-wary-of-ota-regulation

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Throughout the I/ITSEC conference, top military leaders emphasized the need for modernized training equipment for upcoming great power competition.

“If we can’t train, how do we fight?” Wagoner said.

And how does one compete against an AWEsome Live Operational Virtual Environment whenever a simple misstep doggedly maintained in such a program and projects can so easily render one more as an enemy and foe to be exhaustively vanquished than an ignorant undereducated ally to be further aided and informed with greater intelligence?

A question which also has been recently asked of UKGBNI MI6 and its Secret Intelligence Service chief, Richard Moore, regarding ….. “an old trick that previously worked time and again against an easily petrified and common ignorant foe/populace ….. and which nowadays no longer can exist to such a convenient unfortunate degree because of the information and intelligence which is constantly escaping worldswide into rabid for new knowledge and novel common sense audiences sublimely internetworking with myriad groups of their peers in an Advanced IntelAIgent Leadership Mentoring and Monitoring Future Eventful Programs and Virtual Projects in an AWEsome Operation.” …… Re: Destabilization R Us

If one doesn’t realise/hasn’t yet realised that the effective Earthly threat theatre has radically and fundamentally shifted into novel realms with an altogether different phorm of administration for successful excessive reward afforded to competent team players, one is nothing more than as prey and carrion to resultant and subsequent future proposed possible events, which can easily be either stupendously exciting and advantageous or calamitously disruptive and destructive.


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