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Re: Independent R&D Subcontractors

In the mean time, something like surround sound on iPlayer would be more useful. It’s a bit more tangible at least. …… Rod 15

Whenever it is so obviously failing so spectacularly, Rob 15, quadrophonic stereo for British Brainwashing would be more considered as virtually useless and somewhat gratuitous.

And to fix that international disgrace and glaring national security and secret intelligence service threat is a top down task via bottom up channels assumed and performed by chiefs and agents who actually know what needs to be done and how it is done. Does Blighty have any/many of those?

I trust that very plain text is not ambiguously cryptic, Rob 15. It certainly shines crystal clear and transparent whenever viewed here.

The government funding of the BBC to add a few greater bells and shrill whistles onto their crashing train wreck of an easily abused and cynically misused education and entertainment tool spewing programs and projects almost freely into the homes and minds of viewers and listeners, is not useful whenever the content is less than stellar and universally attractive.

Having failed to live up to their motto ….. ‘Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation’ ….. [and the current Tony Hall/Martin Bashir fiasco/soap and Middle East war screenings and Far East nations and Russian State bashings are recent enough evidence of that offence and dereliction of duty in a government office?] …… perhaps something more ambitious along the lines of “Per Ardua ad Astra” is much more appropriate given the spaces and places in which leaderships now work, rest and play with 0days today. And that is only one private/pirate/public sector and ACT*ive vector to exploit and explore/employ and enjoy.

*Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat.


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