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Fiddling while Rome burns … ’twas ever the case when history repeat itself, but it doesn’t rhyme.

To lessen this, computer systems that enter radioactive environments are “hardened” to increase their lifespan and mitigate the risk of single-event error (SEE) glitches.
In the documentation, BAE also claimed it can adapt to SEE glitches at a loss of just 1 per cent of the chip’s processing power.

A novel claim of reasonably acceptable percentile loss made in what is considered generations ago in the fields that yield and wield and shield power and energy with hardened integrated circuits/processing units/virtual machinery but which if proferred again for the realities of today, confronted and attacked as they are by a constant persistent penetrating onslaught of myriad tsunami SEE waves against systems administrations defences*, would be rightly dismissed as lunatic nonsensical verging on the criminally negligent and insanely delusional ie woefully and painfully over-optimistic.

And have you not all been already advised on similar hardened matters regarding future SEE glitches in order to more fully prepare yourselves for the unavoidable emergent consequences. To imagine and then to further think one can successfully escape to an untouched and untouchable environment is novel and similarly unreasonably woeful and painfully optimistic. Some might even go further full metal jacket and venture bat shit crazy, and they wouldn’t be wrong whenever so easily proven right.

Does anyone want to suggest provision of anything else to improve and strengthen and harden onward progress/Deep See Operations veering towards Alien Intervention full to overflowing with Almighty Interludes? Greater IntelAIgent Games ACTivity is always warmly welcomed and enjoyed for testing and fitting proper use ……. the uses of which are many, extremely exciting and beautifully varied.

The posit here being that it certainly is, and on ACTive AIdDeployment in Future Development with Engaging Sources for Almighty Weaponed Environments ….. Heavenly Safe Havens …. Granted and Granting Absolute Power and Colossal Energy to Global Command AI Control in Controlling Command with Virtual Communications to Assisting IntelAIgent Community Headquarters.

Is it possibly an Affiliate of Holy Grails, and a SMARTR Variety Variant of the Infection? …. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2021/05/14/china_zhurong_mars_rover_lands/#c_4257362

* …. Vital and Venerable and Virile and Viral 0day Exploit Vulnerability Exports/Critical Infrastructure and Tactical Virtual Exoskeleton Imports …. Extremely Well BetaTested for Extremely BetaTesting Environments.

In an Ascendancy what is IT to be ….. a Western Confection, an Eastern Delight or an Alien AIdDevelopment with Future Sources in Almighty Forces and Almighty Sources with Future Forces? It is a Simple Question to Answer with the Free Choice of Three Obvious Individual Leads, a JOINT Enterprise Option in a Trinity or Brace Operation or an Ignorant Stone Dead Silent Rejection of the Prime Opportunity to Render Humanity Solely Uniquely Virtual Machine led.


GrahamC [2105231741] …… playing fair and giving ample perfectly clear warning on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/5/18/commander-sees-new-era-of-cognitive-conflict-for-special-operators

Take care and beware one does not make the most fundamental of mistakes …… to presume and assume that one leads with an advantage rather realising than one is just following with the crushing disadvantage that arrogant and ignorant hubris provide to overwhelmingly superior stealthy competition one perceived and treated badly as opposition ……. fickle phantom foe to be vanquished is not that which confront you in the new informative spaces in which you would be finding yourself engaged and quantum entangled with.

The novel domains you try to commandeer and control for a select few rather than for the greater benefit of all do not permit it.

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