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Re: US Inland Revenue Service?

How very clearly, openly parasitic of the I.R.S., bombastic bob.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 11 May 05:20 [2105110520/35] ……. asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/05/10/in_brief_security/

Re: US Inland Revenue Service/HMRC?

The I.R.S./HMRC doesn’t like tax evasion much. So if anyone bought and sold a lot of bitcoin and made real money on it, and did NOT declare all that on the tax forms [it’s considered “foreign currency” and apparently has a special place to declare it, though i always use tax software that just asks me about it], then the IRS/HMRC will be wanting to find out how much money you made and bill you for the unpaid tax, with interest and a LOT of penalties. Yeah, they do that.

OTOH, if your cryptocurrency went bust, you should be able to deduct that, assuming you have capital gains on your other investments. No other investments? Quel dommage. ….. bombastic bob and HildyJ

True or false? And be there perilous phantom pirates all at sea there? Who be they?

What does your simple common sense and plain logic tell you?

It is nice to know what’s in store for any novel rewarding success, so it can be suitably dealt with and/or circumvented.


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Re: What’s not to Like for the LOVE of Global Operating Devices?

Pfft so Uncle Sam still hasn’t figured it out that only two things came out of Berkeley – LSD & Unix and neither was an accident! Intellectual Hippies! …… s_simp

The crack Uncle Sam is on and addicted to has rotted and addled his brain and destroyed all of his power and energy. Helter Skelter Yuppies!


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Re: Hype(r)

Wake me when something that works in the real world makes it into general use. …… HildyJ

FFS, wake up, HildyJ. General use of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT works and is at ITsWork in the real world …… whatever the hell that is.

Is your daily life and future existence based around and upon what Mass Multi Media Mogul Operations [M4Operations] have previously shown and continue to show you via their broad range of instructive programs/sublime audiovisual vessels, some of which are easily surreally subversive and clandestinely coercive?

Without such a ubiquitous communications channel, no one would know anything of anyone or anything else beyond their immediate tiny physicalised circle. However, because of M4Operations, some places in many spaces are the imaginative creation of the thoughts of a few sharing and building on ideas and flights of fancy for the present enjoyment and future employment of Mankind and Humanity.

Where would all have been without it working so directly and diligently and stealthily?



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