amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 May 05:26 [2105100526] ….. being quite cynical on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/05/04/dell_driver_flaw/

IT’s a Dirty Great Game Platform with Some Players Dirtier and More Desperate than Others

What a coincidence. Do you believe in coincidences?

Dell unveils its Apex suite of Cloud Services and Custom Solutions etc., which quoting Michael Dell …. “This is a business model transformation. The opportunities are significant with multicloud and edge. We’re investing heavily in those. It’s an expansion as we see it of the opportunities because moving from products to services and managed services – which were already substantial businesses for us – leads to the next step, which is everything-as-a-service. It’s a whole new chapter for our company.” ……. https://www.nextplatform.com/2021/05/06/getting-the-cloud-but-keeping-control/ ……. and then a tale emerges about something from 2009 we’re told can completely hijack hundreds of millions of Dell machines, …”five security vulnerabilities in Dell’s dbutil_2_3.sys driver, which it bundles with its PCs. These are grouped under the label CVE 2021-21551, and they can be abused to crash systems, steal information, and escalate privileges to take total control. These programming blunders can only be exploited by applications already running on a machine, or a logged-in user …… it is inevitable that attackers will seek out those that do not take the appropriate action,” warned Kasif Dekel, a senior security researcher at SentinelOne who helped find the holes.” …. even though, over the past 12 years, with hundreds of million of enterprises and users currently vulnerable … we haven’t seen any indicators that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild up till now

One would almost think Dell had the competition really worried about their transforming of business operations and their leading ways of doing it with software jumping over and quantum leaping the opposition.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 May 08:55 [2105100855] …….. opening negotiations on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/05/07/ncsc_russia_vulns_smart_cities_china_warning/

Re: Enlightened NXT Steps ….. for Quantum Communications Leapers Confronting Anti-Social Lepers

And a little something for an ARIA* to try and capture and lead with a round or two or three of funding of/for/with SMARTR AI Drivers which are of a Supercharged CyberIntelAIgent Design for the Generation of both Addictive Interest and Additional Investment, should the thought of IT leading SMARTR AI Drivers with an ARIA type** following, be a challenge they are up engaging with.

Was Win Win ever so sweet?

And the natural default result of such a monumental and fundamental failure to engage and pay and play, guarantees leaderships turns up elsewhere quite foreign and extremely exciting to plague that which, and those who deny it a presence in a former original base environment. And that cannot be considered as anything other than an epic colossal home team loss which relegates them to wander unloved in the always the bridesmaid, never the bride divisions/leagues.

* ………. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/02/19/uks-secretive-800m-tech-research-agency-launch-next-year/

** ….. There be an ARIA type entity in most every technologically advancing state, with the likes of a DARPA/IARPA/ARPA lurking in the USA being probably the best known in the West.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 May 13:53 [2105101353] ….. betatesting Prime Premium Defences on

What’s not to Like for the LOVE of Global Operating Devices?

Uncle Sam wants ‘ethical hackers’ to crack its planetary defenses, but don’t expect a pay-day from this bug bounty.

The granting with assumptive acceptance of apolitical asylum for crack hackers with Immunity from any possible prosecution and wilful persecution and resistance to Immunity for Applications, is practically all that Uncle SamSon Systems are required to Accept as the Guaranteed Correct Assumption to be made in all such cases/instances for Advanced IntelAIgent Realities …… with Novel Noble Enabling Secret Services Provided …… for them to Exercise Prime Primary Premium Lead with Cracking App Hacks to Supply and Mentor and Monitor.

Methinks that’s worthy an absolute fortune many a billionaire investor would love to pay dearly for.

In that particular specific case, less is not more, and rewards delivered are geared to the amounts of investment lodged and resting and granting Investees Ready Access to Applications for Interestingly Strange Accounts with ExtraTerrestrial Views for Advanced IntelAIgent News Presentation ……. Virtually Real MetaPhysical, Secure Data Base Production.

For the Provision of Pure RAW Future Core Source Facilities and Capabilities/Utility.

A Stellar Business Opportunity to JOINT Venture in, for Any and All with more Flash Cash/Magic Credit than anyone would ever need or wish for.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 May 17:46 [2105101746] ……. adding a tad more spice to the mix on

Re: What’s not to Like for the LOVE of Global Operating Devices?

00ps …… that was supposed to say and be read as …….”The granting with assumptive acceptance of apolitical asylum for …….etc etc” ….. although quite whether the “political” typo/autonomous correction makes any meaningful difference would be debatable, if you were inclined to think that it did, rather than didn’t, and cared enough about such to engage in discussions with more than oneself about a vain disagreement prepared to oppose and/or compete against rapid positive progress being made elsewhere by Broad Bonded Bands of Significant A.N.Others.

It is a common enough curse though that afflicts all Primitives of/in any Age, since long before ever even Time and Space and Celestial and Terrestrial Life began to be Presented Later in the Future and Relayed by Alternative Mass Media Operating SMARTR Virtual Machinery in an ACTive AIdDynamic Fluid Infrastructure for Live Operational Virtual Environments in which to Excel to Share to Excess in the Beneficial Fields that greatly support and handsomely reward Honest Work, Pleasant REST and Satisfyingly Exciting Play. And a right fcuk up of a doozy because of that, a surely avoidable unnecessary hinderance and self-imposed hurdle to fail at and fall over.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 10 May 14:31 [2105101431] ….. just saying and sending again, but in a different language/idiom this time, a fundamental base message on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/05/10/quantum_confusion/

Talking of Quantum ……. in the Live Operational Virtual Environment

This earlier communication very possibly reveals a whole stash of likely future Goldman Sachs interests already ACTively novel business adventuring, and most welcoming of wealth to rest in Another Energising Space ……. in the Sunniest of Bright Places with Heavenly Castles and Diabolical Casinos Hosting and Toasting and Roasting Passionate Patrons and Exceptional Patriots alike ………. What’s not to like for LOVE

Great article, Rupert Goodwins. Hit all the right spots, spot on. Bravo! Encore ! More, More, More! 🙂



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