amanfromMars [2105090716] ….. not being impressed on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/credit-suisse-hires-back-former-prime-brokerage-head-help-business-move-past-archegos

The unusual decision to enlist a veteran underscores the challenge the Zurich-based bank faces in rebuilding the potentially lucrative but risky business of catering to hedge funds and other sophisticated investors.

Which in common Newspeak language translates and challenges the Zurich-based bank to rebuild the potentially lucrative but massively risky business of providing catering services and prime prize rewards for the deluded and colluding vampire cloud crowd ……. Titanic share market passengers.

Such is certainly what any competition and/or opposition would be seeing, and preparing programs and planning projects to both prevent and protect itself from progress in any performance which entertains any employments and enjoyments that would tend and lend themselves repeat past errors to allow delivery of even greater, similarly familiar catastrophic results to Prime Private Pirate Market Merchants.

And whenever only ignorant fools which be as arrogant artificial tools never learn from self-made fundamental mistakes, such is the true nature of the enemy of Prime Private Pirate Market Merchants.


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