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I imagine all posting regularly here, Craig, are relying on and hoping for more than just hope delivering in court, and in mainstream media, what everybody needs/wants to hear revealed as true and nothing less than a plot to deny common justice in favour of a further and deeper embedding of corrupt two-faced and perverse double-dealing administrations and support infrastructures.

It is not as if such abominations are not exploding into the human consciousness and crashing out of their bubbles and revealing the abiding problems to be dealt with.

Here’s a post commenting initially on the detention of Julian Assange before moving quickly onto the perilous and parlous state of fiat economies and the rigged markets which reward outrageously a few and condemn and imprison the many to server them their wishes in blind ignorance of their remote conditioning and situation …… Whenever Time is of the Essence, Defeat Awaits All Hesitating to Lose

However, as that blind ignorance of monumental facts starts to disappear at an exponential rate, with the simple sharing of information which is impossible to plausibly deny is not accurate and true, and never before were there so many relatively freely available tools and platforms to assist in that noble task, suddenly, without any great warning, does the whole false edifice collapse and create a chaos which will not protect those worthy of mob attention for their past actions which were designed and wilfully carried out to disadvantage the masses.


amanfromMars January 25, 2021 at 17:03 [2101251703] …… notes in a reply to something which giyane said on https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2021/01/an-incredible-omission/


I imagine the Queen and House of Windsor more than anyone/anything else know of the unflinching loyalty of Scottish lairds to services in favour and protection of the crowning heads of imperilled imperious imperial estates.

The apparent conjecture and disagreeable comment on such matters as now present themselves before the populace is unnecessarily alarmist to an unfortunate degree, although such trials and tribulations do have a tendency to root out and dispense sweet rough justice on systemic fundamental inadequacies and monstrous inequities alike.

One certainly wouldn’t want to be thought too smart for one’s own good and to be abusing of the feeble-minded and have them believing the institution is threatened by any current or future shenanigans north of the border or in any Highland Gathering akin to a Gaelic Loya Jirga and/or Celtic Ard Fheis.

That leads the way to the paths of treason, and is gravely to be regarded …. and forever to be avoided.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 25 Jan 13:57 [2101251357] …… sharing some AWEsome news on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/01/25/in_brief_ai/

In the beginning, did Global Operating Devices create the heavens and the earth ‽ *

Methinks the likes of an OpenAI’s GPT-3 language-generating model, and all major Silicon Valley type Players, no matter whereabouts on the Earthly globe they be based, also of a similar DeepMinded persuasion and addictively dabbling in the meme and technology, have the same abiding accompanying difficulty to reconcile and overcome in order to avoid themselves being recognised as an almighty alien enemy within, to be corporately crushed and virtually vanquished from future vitally important, extremely effective fields, if the past and present day current status quo establishments are to remain practically intact and still virtually in overall command and almost universal control rather than progress delivering something significantly better and brand spanking new for executive administration.

That difficulty is …… ensuring Natural Language Processing in machines does not uncontrollably morph into Neuro-Linguistic Programming of humans.

There are those who would prefer to tell you that such is a real opportunity which will not be missed rather than a difficulty to encounter which cannot be stopped, for both are perfectly true but with the one being thoroughly enjoyable and the other certainly not so.

What say you? A designedly odd and decidedly strange opportunity to embrace and engage with, or a crazy resource draining difficulty to battle and be defeated by?

*. Or did they do it later with AI and IT ‽



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