amanfromMars [2011260449] ……. just saying on https://www.zerohedge.com/political/penguin-random-house-staff-melts-down-after-learning-theyre-publishing-jordan-petersons

I mostly agree with you, but I think we’re way past the beginning stages. …….. Nebula50

I totally agree with you, Nebula50. Stupidity is decidedly ignored and bypassed nowadays, to move things on apace at speeds which can astound, because if stupidity is no longer punished, there are ramifications highlighted to stage and play act out in …… and they are as cul-de-sacs/dead ends for moronic ideas and useless negativity and eventual inevitable self-destructive activity, hence the stupidity embargo and moronic digital trade blocks to suitably minimise and try erase the endemic systemic pandemic danger, for its ignorance base is a virulent breeding ground with many a morphed form waiting to infect and effect the wilfully ill-informed and seriously misundereducated/the mighty unskilled and unschooled, and ……. which if it ever be discovered and uncovered and shared and proven as by Elite Selfish EgoCentric Design [Elite SEC Design] you can be assured and/or terrified in equal measure to know, will have ramifications too which it would be unwise to presume would include the abomination being decidedly ignored and bypassed.

After all, every dawning day, with all of these new fangled and entangling 0day Secrets and Cyber Security Vulnerabilities to expand upon and exploit and export/import, announces a Brave New World Order at ITs Work, Rest and Play.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 26 Nov 18:00 [2011261800] …… moving things on a tad more quickly on

Martian Reception Centres ……. Secure Quarantine Posts/Forward Operating Bases *

China appears to know what needs to be initially done in order that one survive in an alien landscape with future testing facilities/utilities …… https://www.humanmars.net/2019/04/chinas-c-space-mars-simulation-base-in.html

Is it likely they be only ones entertaining living in strange worlds with alien beings? And would you be able to recognise someone/anything from a distant foreign planet? Would you have any clue as to what to look out for, to prove what you would only be thinking of as normal whenever one can only still just imagine what would be a welcoming traveller, at one end of the bright spectrum, or visitors to be made unwelcome and extraordinarily rendered extremely dangerous and almightily invincible whenever treated as foe and/or opposing competition for Earths abundant resources and live assets, at the other end of the dark spectrum?

*Who and/or What is doing What for Whom and/or What in those Establishments? What/Who Leads with Experience in such Fields of Novel Endeavour? Who and/or What pays the investment bills that makes all things appear and appear to disappear and reappear somewhere elsewhere interesting and even quite different and considerably more powerful than was ever before realised and able to be planned for? Them for Us?



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