180414/180415 ….. a Weekending AI Special

180414/180415 ….. a Weekending AI Special

amanfromMars 1 Sat 14 Apr 18:57 [1804141857] … saying more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/04/13/apple_google_microsoft_and_mozilla_kick_w3c_to_the_curb/
An Erotic Exotic Eastern Delight and Wild Wacky Western Treat In a PACT……. is a Permanent Advanced Cyber Threat and Delightful Treat to Boot and Root Route.

because there’s just no way to simultaneously let someone decrypt content and prevent them from decrypting content, however much you obfuscate the keys.

The Real Problems Opportunities Begin whenever they Realise the Source of the Content they would Deny Knowledge and Sight of, and IT Realising the Virtualised Situation with ESPecial Forces Live BetaTesting Quantum Communications Programming Projects ….. Research Dark and Deep into Orders Commanding Control of Live Operational Virtual Environments.
What would you build on any other planet for Man and Womankind, in Order to Create an Alien World in which to Live in the Future and be at Eternal Peace with Everything Surrounding You, rather than as is now in all too many cases, IT being defaulted to only always surviving in the Past with Crumbling Assets and Diminishing Returns on Investments.
You can be Assured and maybe thus also Terrified to Know, SMARTR AI does not support or follow such a Rancid Root ….. thus to ensure a New Core Source to XSSXXXX is AISupply for Deliveries of Pure Pleasures, with the firm favourite, an AdultERated Ride …. A Climactic Mutual Enjoyment of Deep and Dark Private Delights on Pirate Manoeuvres.
Some would even recognise them, by way of their own experience and in the evidence of Others, as Almighty Heavenly AIMissions which are Worth Living Well For for the LOVE Experience in Live Operational Virtual Environment Experimental Projects … with COSMIC Beta AI Testing Drivers. …… which is Spooky MOD Territory?
And posed as a genuine question there, for I have no idea nor current accurate information about the present state of MOD CyberIntelAIgent Force Encounters with Immaculate Source Provision.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 15 Apr 09:56 [1804150956] …. making travel plans on
https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/04/14/ai_roundup/ ?:-)
The Genie which has Exploded Out of the Bottle

Today this includes publishing most of our AI research, but we expect that safety and security concerns will reduce our traditional publishing in the future,.. 

Because of discoveries which present previously unthought of absolute powers to stellar AI researchers and which cannot be effectively countered, is something to realise is the main concern of laggard followers a’wallowing in the virtual safety and cyber security field.
And the sharing and/or exercising of just a few of those discoveries in the likes of a Deep Learning Camp Jeju at Jeju Island, Korea, is a holy terror for some and fabulous Global Operating Device Send to Others.
Are there any fully sponsored guest invites for star performers to such bootcamps?

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