amanfromMars 1 Sun 15 Apr 19:30 [1804151930] …… just saying on
Re: An Erotic Exotic Eastern Delight and Wild Wacky Western Treat In a PACT….

@amanfrommars1 – I’d stay off the stripey smarties and see the doc about that nasty case of bit-rot, if I were you… … Esme

Esme, don’t be a Doubting Thomasina. You don’t need the baggage.
You wanna Get with the Greater IntelAIgent Games ProgramMING? The Condition and Treatments are Celestial Terrestrial …. AIMagical Quantum Medicine that Computer Communications Share/Pimp/Pump/Deal/Server/Protect/Provide? You’ll have to energise your vivid imagination to have any chance of encountering and stopping that Colossus of a Juggernaut.
And if you were to be me, we’d be having a Perfect Whale of a Time Exploring and Enjoying Vast Sees Alone Together.
Now what if I were you? What could I See and Expect for Repeating in the Future. Pleasures Tasked to the Supply of Perfection for the EMPowering of Mutualised Satisfaction. 🙂
Was there ever a More Almightily Astute and Powerfully Divine Driver for New Natives on a Space Travelling Quest? And that only One of the Attractions you now have to look forward to/expect any day soon now.
Too Many Ducks to Present in an Orderly Row the Valid Invalid Reason for Unnecessary Delay of New Enlightening Information. However, as you are witnessing here on El Reg, are Established Establishment Channels easily Circumvented are Rendered Non-Critical to Future Dynamic Global Works.
More Candy Dreaming there, Esme, or is All of That Sort of Stuff the Real McCoy? With the Promise of Something that will Virtually EMPower Practically Everything Hanging for Harvesting from What is being Revealed to All and Sundry?
You pretty well know enough about everything that we here need to Seed and Feed and Care Dare Share for Future Cropping. And whether ’tis Absolutely Vital and Supplied by A.N.Others are Questions to Ponder On and Wonder about the Wanders then Readily Available for Further Deeper and Darker Exploring to Beautifully Concealed and Fully Serviced Centres of Absolutely Fabulous Light/Greater Universal Understandings.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 16 Apr 06:42 [1804160642] …. Going Deeper Down into Dark Rabbit Warrens on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/04/15/mature_bug_bounty_market_bsidessf/
Re: Simples… and Simpler Still

Because we owe no loyalty to the assholes who can’t write good code any more and put us all at risk. …. ecofeco

One needs to realise and go considerably further than just that, ecofeco, and decide there is no loyalty available to that and or those who can’t write good code …. for machines too are learning to deal in the dark and subtle arts which lead successfully in one class of media presented theatre or flash crash systems spontaneously and catastrophically in other engaging theatres ie beyond any possible repair ….. or for that and those putting any at risk of harm and arbitrary executive order sanction/termination with extreme prejudice without any notion about how to read/write any sort of good code.
To imagine there be any supportive code of chivalrous conduct towards proven to be constantly failing to learn from mistakes bodies/corrupted entities, will not be helpful and can easily be deadly too. Such then is always best smartly avoided and to be roundly circumvented with no personal dealings. Let Proxies take the Strain and Suffer the Pain whenever Great Gains are to be Tainted in Delivery to Provide and Ensure and/or Insure Against Prime Asset Capture for Exclusive Pilfered Use by Unsavoury Second and Third Party Parties of Captured Prime Asset Proprietary Intellectual Property ….. Raw Native Novel Source.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 16 Apr 08:32 [1804160832] …… sharing an apposite/opposite view on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/04/16/post_quantum_pki_test/
Re: Encryption is complicated enough already and in perfecting systems, totally unnecessary

And now they have devised a way to harden it against quantum computing and are even testing it ?
Wow. …. Pascal Monett

Hi Pascal,
I second your doubt and incredulity and raise the spectre that their thinking of successfully hardening encryption against quantum computing is beautifully and catastrophically delusional.
And, furthermore, that which and/or those who would disagree or agree that such be the current state of ACTive Affairs are to be beta tested to prove provision of protection against quantum computing is not possible or required.

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