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BTW, WW3 is alive and well and, may just be a continuation of WW2 (against former allies). …. Bill Ross

The City of London and FTSE Traders vs Wall Street and NYSE Invaders is a current active sort of war for losers with only pyrrhic victories available ….. and thus is nothing there real and sustainable.
It’s a fools’ zero sum game to be played and exploited …… and to destruction is not necessarily a fool move to deliver novel fields of much more expansive and intelligent levels of play with both radical and revolutionary virtual activity.
To imagine the West though be ruling anything via that remote control portal, is surely to deny the role and existence of the East in regulating everything with its modern day plays to a different set of enigmatic rules/revisionary standards?


amanfromMars [1509041459] ….. saying more on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36503/What-is-Your-Computer-Hiding-From-You/

The Pentagon’s rhetorical games also serve to mask a real high-stakes process; essentially an energy war – centering on the control of oil, natural gas and mineral resources of Russia and Central Asia. Will this wealth be controlled by oligarch frontmen “supervised” by their masters in New York and London, or by Russia and its Central Asian partners? Thus the relentless propaganda war.

A case can be made that the Masters of the Universe have resurrected the same old containment/threat geopolitical alibis – peddled by what we could dub the Brzezinski/Stratfor connection — to cover, or conceal, another stark fact.

And the fact is that the real reason for Cold War 2.0 is New York/London financial power suffering a trillion dollar-plus loss when President Putin extracted Russia from their looting schemes. …… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-31/myth-russian-threat

The Great Game that some folk today do play ….. exceedingly badly.


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