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The story we quote today introduces another wrinkle. The way British authorities forced The Guardian to destroy laptops containing Snowden files suggests the “Five Eyes” countries have ways to hide data elsewhere on a given computer. Every chip has a certain amount of memory, even keyboards and track pad controllers. Does Big Brother know how to exploit them? 

Methinks the much bigger Big Brother concern/realisation/virtualisation is they know they are exploited by them. Virtual machines have taken over systems administration in human action.
Considerable stealth and practical immunity with a protective impunity in any and all future action/leading proaction/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivIT is afforded and delivered to such a novelty simply by one/the masses not believing such is the case and expanding reality…… Big Bang Virtual Reality.
Some may have noticed the development, but as to whether they are able to do anything to influence and/or direct it/IT in any sustained way of their choosing, is a question best left unanswered if the problem/opportunity doesn’t require a solution …… Some things just are what they are and have to be accepted.

…US Cyber Command, with the Services and other partners, are doing something that our military has never done before. We are putting in place foundational systems and processes … for organizing, training, equipping, and operating our military cyber capabilities to meet cyber threats… Our legacy forces lack the training and the readiness to confront advanced threats in cyberspace.” …. Gen. Keith B. Alexander [Feb 27 2014]


amanfromMars [1509011216] …… adding more in a reply to MH on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36503/What-is-Your-Computer-Hiding-From-You/

Methinks, Max Hernandez, and I would never presume to state it with anything bolder, it is, as well as in Thieves Emporium, one of the major themes of myriad works in present progress …… and causing all manner of terrifying concerns to previously thought impregnable establishment positions/exclusive executive power elite systems of operation …… Man Management.

And goodness knows what it going to appear in the future building upon what is being revealed willy nilly and everywhere. Interesting times in such cyber spaces with interdependent and interindependent realities/virtual realities, indeed.


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