amanfromMars [1509030700] ….sharing a top secret fiction and non-state actor fact in a reply on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36503/What-is-Your-Computer-Hiding-From-You/

In all honesty, I have not fully wrapped my mind around the environment and, therefore, EXACT thought process / goals that those who can print money from nothing and have arranged matters such that they are NEVER accountable are tolerated to exist in. Perhaps I never will, since my internal controls prevent me from trodding where they appear to be: insanity.
so, I assume that they are at least as intelligent as I, although, they seem to be oblivious to morality and the inevitable scorched earth that their progeny, if any survive will inherit. …. Bill Ross

Such an assumption …. ”that they are at least as intelligent as I” ….. is a wise consideration to accommodate but to not imagine and realise that it be totally false whenever thoughts and actions are not wholly good, will render one both practically and virtually ineffective and defenceless in the madness and mayhem that results and presents itself with media carrying the tales and programs and pogroms, Bill.
And you may not be wrong in surmising that one has to be wheeling and dealing with insanity to have both positive constructive and negative destructive impact in futures with futures and derivative options which design to hedge all risks and create crazy opportunities to exploit and explode in dodgy rigged market places/wacky wild west cyber spaces.
Leading existence has changed, and worlds are no longer as they used to be, careless ignorant playgrounds of the selfish arrogant and superficially rich and relatively carefree.

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