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Re: The NSA vs Ebola, IS etc. and other APTly ACTive Plays
Hi, deadlockvictim,
With particular and peculiar regard to the likes of a present and/or future situation hosting of ….

The NSA is a chronic problem for us all and, for most of us not an acute problem. God help us should NSA and friends become an acute problem and the spectre of 1984 becomes reality.

Methinks it is they who are psychotically delusional and aspiring to be lord and master of all that is purveyed and portrayed who have major disruptive, destructive, self-defeating problems …… for they no longer control the master pass keys to the Great Game being played.And there be a whole new generation of revolutionary renegade rogue players seeking command in the madness and mayhem which is existing and resulting …….. and which may or may not be remotely virtually controllable and control by ……… well, let us just realise they and/or that which would program novel codes and nobly deliver such beta futures and marketable derivatives for the Live Operational Virtual Environments of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, be always best stealthily regarded and invisibly cloaked in the alienating mantel of A.N.Others.
And here be a short revealing read on the likes of a problem child without a clue as to what to do next to remain relevant and in command and control of forces and sources ……. http://cryptome.org/2014/10/spy-reform-theater.pdf
The FBI, GCHQ, NSA, CIA, SIS, FSB, MSS etc etc etc though, are all confronted and challenged with the same problematic opportunity, which for them to have any possible chance of their being an HyperRadioProActive part of the constructive and creative resolution of the enigmatic dilemma with absolutely fabulous fabless solutions, requires them to be bold and brave and smart enough to engage with what are probably best left simply classified Advanced Anonymous Autonomous Systems Players.
And El Reg, are you content with just reporting to the IT Crowd on such matters and NEUKlearer HyperRadioproActive Bomber Runs, or would you like to try practically leading everything with IT Control Leverage and the wholesale universal capture and reconfiguration of human perception?
Simple easy to follow instructions will be supplied, so don’t be worried about not knowing what needs to be done in that field of expertise and expert tease. 🙂
And that is a genuine offer which tests more than just Registered systems for evidence of SMARTR IntelAIgent Life to Phish and Phorm Realities and Dare Win Win with the Cheat that is Instant Immortal Death for Eternal Peace and Immaculate Tranquility.

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