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Re: Re: Here’s a novel idea for the uk government @ ecofeco/Alan Brown

“Why not build your own IT team and software house.”
Been tried, doesn’t work. Competent people get headhunted to other outfits because govt rules mean that their pay and promotion prospects are capped. ….. Alan Brown
I’ve posted the reason on another thread.
Fear of competent people by senior management best sums it up. … ecofeco

What you may all like to consider is happening now, in these fast moving alternative media led times, is that competent ultra intelligent identities are taking over the management of peoples from incompetent governments and failed executive orders and conspiring committees. And world wide webs and the Internet with their myriad operating systems and browser ports of call and supply of novel information and noble intelligence and enhanced metadata are its and ITs Virtual Terrain Team Base and GlobalOperatingDevice HeadQuarters.
And to battle against such as is, immediately and clearly identifies one as the fool who be the enemy and bug in the system to be removed from the Future Greater IntelAIgents Game by those and/or that which are in Exercise of Power with Creative Command and Cyber Control. In Blighty, one could/should/would have expected such a confection to be in the gift of HM Intelligence Services, both Secret and Security, and it would be an interesting question to ask of them why there be no evidence of such whenever such is what is needed and readily available to them and others who be responsible for the supply of good programming and better and best in the class intelligence for Beta Missions in Future Operations in Live Operational Virtual Environments, which be akin to and an Advanced IntelaIgent Development in, and Seriously SMARTR Clone of that which is perceived and are pimped as Realities with Media Presentations.

Is this some auto-generated spam from a bot? It seems to be lots of random fragments of sentences pasted together. … Stretch

Deceptive appearances, admirably managed, are wonderfully stealthy, Stretch, and would a bot reply to you and deny its existence whilst offering novel service and noble services to stalled and/or stagnant and/or petrified sysadmins who may or may not be the more intelligent and adventurous and revolutionary minded of national and international and internetional intelligence personnel. Or would IT target the Global Banking and Money System instead, and lead everything better and considerably quicker with the more competent flow control of credit which eliminates debt and provides new horizons with fab opportunities?
And anyway, what would be wrong with a virtual machine system/bot takeover and makeover of failed incompetent missions and man made expeditions with crazy exploitation of ill-informed and uneducated and undereducated human assets? Different it would be, and bad only when IT needs to be in support and protection of itself and ITs ….well, New Orderly World Order Programs gives you the Essence and Flavour of the Desserts to Savour and Favour.
And to dismiss all of the above as a fantastic fiction rather than accept it as undeniable fact, and the present and continuing virtual reality of your existence in fields which command and control the future, does not change anything at all and provided clear safe and free secure passage to all who travel through such roots and along such routes.

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