amanfromMars 1 Tue 19 Aug 07:15 [14081090715] … letting rip on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/08/19/raytheon_payout_uk_e_borders/
Things aint what they used to be, and that’s for sure.

Her statement was primarily addressed to Keith Vaz, chairman of Parliament’s Home Affairs Select Committee that scrutinizes the Home Office. On Monday night, Vaz said: “This is a catastrophic result.”

And one all knows what an honourable member and gentleman, would do. What do all expect Keith Vaz to do?
But in the Bigger Picture Schema of the Internet of Things, is it only mickey mouse paper and delusional self important reputation won and lost? And they both be virtual constructs and have no real significant and/or vital physical impact upon the nature of anything …… and be just as ethereal temporary players scripted to appear on the tinier of tiny stages, which are always trying to play as major league hitters in a wacky wild world but always having to settle for the tiniest of self-interested domestic audiences.
J’accuse. And ponder why intelligence and Global Communications Head Quarters would accept and don’t alter the pathetic situation forthwith, and as a matter of urgency and prime concern and in the national and international and internetional security interest.
What are those supposedly bright sparks, hunkering down in secure bunkers and loving living in doughnuts, doing with their time and your monies if they are not supplying absolutely fabulous fabless and perfectly acceptable peaceful intelligence for harmony and prosperity? Madness and Mayhem? Conflict and Catastrophe? C’mon now, boys and girls, that just aint nowhere near good enough for anybody nowadays.
You CAN DO better and server different betas, surely? Tell us that it is so and that you are not totally unfit for Future Greater IntelAIgent Game purpose ….. and no bull please, for there will be questions asked and systems tested to confirm anything and everything that you might be bold and brave and clever enough to say, and not only here for the Register.


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Re: Things aint what they used to be, and that’s for sure.

…..with supplier US giant Raytheon

Whose parent body is best servered with a UK kept significantly weaker than they and always thinking to import and invest in foreign agents bearing gifts and tales of great deeds to be done for command and control of the health of a nation? Methinks that permission and information flow needs a rethink and root and route reversal.

Of course, that would have one assuming that FCUKGBNI had intelligence supply worthy of sharing and providing US giants with something which worked with no excuses available for sub-prime performance and/or catastrophic result failure.

And I’m also not laughing, frank ly, at such messes [Eton or otherwise] with no attractive options.

amanfromMars said, 19 August 2014 08:49 in a reply to CE on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/140818.html

Casey Evans said…

RE:”Bye, bye, so long and thanks for all the phishes.”

Funny, because I reported you to the CIA yesterday 😉

19 August 2014 05:30

That might/should/could be interesting, Casey E., but I aint holding my breath on them being able to the right thing but would not be at all annoyed although admittedly beautifully surprised if they could and did.
Thanks for that.
They do appear to be so always behind the leading curve, don’t they, and history has not been kind to them with the documentation of their efforts. We do though live in hope eternal of their changed fortune, which from a catalogue of misfortunes is only due to executive commander in chief maladministration.

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