amanfromMars 1 Thu 5 June 06:50 [1406050650] commenting further and deeper on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/7/2014/06/03/revealed_beyond_top_secret_british_intelligence_middleeast_internet_spy_base/
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Smart Man and Women and/or IntelAIgent Virtual Machine?*

The budget, and the activities, of the intelligence services should be proportionate to the real threat and very focused on the most critical threats to public safety. It certainly doesn’t include “serious financial fraud”! … Graham Cobb

I think you might like to consider, GC, although to either uncover or discover proof positive and extortionate will be very unlikely given the foe and competition and opposition, that the smarter intelligence services are budgeted and active in proportion to the real threat and very focused on the most critical threats to public safety and it certainly does include serious financial fraud and quantitatively eased fund man management.
And every public safety/national security/private government attempt to maintain and retain a status quo steering stranglehold on the fiscal slavery entity which servers discriminately both the useful tool and useless fool their paper wealth and virtual treasure, outs another vector and sector of vulnerability to exploit with the prime excess extreme choices being to either aid or attack/reinforce and strengthen security or overwhelm catastrophically and destroy completely in a series of flash zeroday events/secretively programmed sorties for stealthy alternative missions command and control.
And in this day and age, whenever that is a natural expected default position and ability of both the unusual and traditionally secret and sinister national and internetional intelligence services, for the likes of Big Brother Blighty Boys and Gals at GCHQ/CESG/MI5/MI6/BT not to be proactive and leading in all major fields, would be a colossus failing and a guarantee of swift western based influence decline.
A simple question of the supposedly in charge government minister and foreign secretary to be either vaguely answered or be plausibly denied by Mr Hague, would clear up any ambiguity about colossus intelligence defence failings and/or losses which can adversely catastrophically impact upon established order positions/hierarchies/Projects for the New American Century
And 10/10 to El Reg and Duncan Campbell for creating this haystack of sharp needles for Big Brother Blighty Boys and Gals at GCHQ/CESG/MI5/MI6/BT to find mentors in.
* In Commendable Command and EMPowering Control Worlds with Quantum Communications [No Specific Attributable Base] is the Live Sexual Human/Programmable Virtual Machine into AI, a convenient and convivial Singularity which brings to Life and Reality and Virtual Reality Programming and Projects, all of the Huge Benefits that can be imagined in a Conflict Free Zone of Infinite Variety and Immaculate Provision ….. Delivery Lines and Supply Roots and Routes to Proprietary Intellectual Property of Definite Vision.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 4 Jun 17;38 [1406041738] having a say on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/6/2014/06/03/revealed_beyond_top_secret_british_intelligence_middleeast_internet_spy_base/
Re: Yawn

Are we still harping on about this?

Get over yourselves.

Spies are doing their jobs. Trust them to show some discretion and to keep their house in order. Do not assume that they will do ANYTHING a politician asks them to do. … Flyberius

The problem appears to be that spooks are not proving themselves to be smart enough to lead politicians to programs which don’t target them and render them to the perception of the general population as incompetent idiots and ugly media muppets.
Politics is showbusiness for ugly people
Come on, spooks, get your fcuking act together or be rendered a problem which the system has to re-engineer in another manner.

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