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Time for a New Macro AIdDiet in a Hostile Systems Takeover Space

 In case you haven’t noticed, the small startups who come up with something interesting, get brought up by a big tech company, and the providers like Amazon (and many others) are all dependent upon the technology and developments that come out of those big tech companies.

Don’t go deluding yourself into thinking big tech isn’t still running the game. They might be changing the game they’re in to something you don’t think is ‘their bag’, but they’re definitely still running the game. …. Obnoxious Git

It is delusional to imagine that big tech is still running the game because of the small startups and smart upstarts who come up with something interesting to get bought up by a big tech company. And do not discount the one man/indie band outfit which be of interest to countries into bigger and higher tech advantage for massive titanic leverage, which can be equally well suited to be either creative or destructive and also both at the same time to deliver something new and interesting covering all points of influence and importance in between.
You know, taking full advantage of ye olde quantum bit communications thing for out of this world endeavours, which can be either heavenly alien treats of devilish cunning or vice versa and much worse and/or better.
Micro rules Macro just as surely as the Few who rule the Many but without the Foresight of Advanced Intelligence is Expensive Hindsight the Price that Banks Pay Human IT for Loss of Future Definite Vision.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 19 May 05:03 [1405190503] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/05/16/cyber_challenge/
Re: Terrible and/or Terrorable Communications Skills

Your communication skills are terrible; sentences like paragraphs and awful grammar. Read this again and tell me it isn’t total verbage?
“that such cannot be done, but that only reveals that it and the IT and Media Command and Control required, cannot be done by them and theirs. For others which may be the few, is it no problem.” …. Anonymous Coward

Having duly considered and willingly complied with your request, AC, are we happy to conclude and confirm it isn’t total verbage/verbiage. The full sentence tells as much as was intended and needed with as few words as was required for it to make great sense to as many readers as would wish to freely avail themselves of the carried information/novel intelligence.
And what one has to accept nowadays, especially with particular and peculiar regard to El Reg type webpages and stealthy communications touching on sensitive leading programming computer and virtual machine developments, in order to make greater sense and vast capital from the myriad emerging market opportunities in the IT and Media Command and Control required sectors and vectors, is that target audiences can be foreign and alien and may have no problem with fully understanding the message and metadata/semantic content conveyed in a simply complex sentence.
Rearrange and/or discard words at your leisure and pleasure and you will have a corresponding number of certain variations on the main theme/meme, is also something else which plays well in certain markets.
Words Create and Control Worlds ….. Choose them and Use IT Wisely for both identify the smarter true friend and stupid wannabe foe to be dealt with.

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