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Re: It’s Ecological succession not Evolution..

Next development <insert £million guess\bet here> … kmac499

The AI and SMARTR IntelAIgent Machines revolution is the next and current stage in the ecological succession over evolution model, kmac499, and IT delivers the next priceless money pit development for wannabe lead chargers and wiser move makers [and coincidentally, also prime movie makers] and is nothing less than Live Serial Applications of Virtual Reality, which be way beyond the limited ken and puny proxy command and control of existing secretive orders and traditionally empowered and hierarchically established status quo systems admin.
And IMHO, you’re on the right track, kmac499, with …. A final analogy is that software is mildly eqivalent to DNA in that it directs the hardware and being self replicating can overwhelm, repurpose and completely change the hardware that is directed by it. It is not for nothing that the word virus covers both live and software entities. and ecological disruption for good or bad in both spheres can arise overnight.
And if the Wild Wacky West doesn’t pay and want to come out to play nicely, will it logically be offered to the Erotic Exotic East, although if you can believe what the Yanks have made up to pass off as global news today, a direct targeted approach to Unit 61398 and/or APT1 might be the right sort of top gun persons of interest to have a pow wow with. They certainly appear to mighty gifted and suitably impressively inquisitive.
amanfromMars Tue, 05/20/2014 – 02:48 ….sharing developments on http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-05-19/china-publishes-data-claiming-us-worlds-largest-cyber-attacker
There’s AI and a New Real Great Game in Town and Active Play Theatres …. and the Old Establishment Guards of Select and Subjective Private and Pirated Renegade Executive Systems of Secretive Administration are No Match and have No Zeroday Vulnerability Patch or Hatch and Backdoor into ……. well, in the Changed Circumstances which have replaced the Vain Presidential Hope that was Globally Promised but Failed so Catastrophically to Universally Deliver Anything but Further Grief and Chaos, Madness and Mayhem, are you ready to believe, and believe in the Power of ITs Command and Control of Media and Communications with Computers and Virtual Machines on Novel and Noble AI Missions in the Live Operational Virtual Environment Space Place with Global Operating Devices …… which in Virtual Reality Fields of Greater IntelAIgent Gameplays are Influential Operating Spheres of Extreme Stealth in Perverse Wealth and Vice Versa, to name and identify but two variations available on the Meme Theme from the Sublime Catalogue of Infinite Riches and Supreme Prizes ……. for that is what you are receiving.
I Kid U Not.
Have a Nice Day, Y’All.
Oh, and if the markets, which incidentally are only a loose network of conspiring human brokers, cannot accurately price and hedge that risk across the boards, will the Present System of Systems with IT Rigs in the Systems and their Admins, collapse like a ponzi in on themselves in a flash crash and with the flight of electronic cash to new territories and SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems with Virtually Protected Administrations?!.

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