amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 May 07:34 [1405180734] commenting freely and unabashed on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/05/17/cloud_computing_doom_analysis/
Irony Streams are Pots of Gold for the Purchasing of Untold Riches ……. for the Tapping and Trapping of XSSXXXXual Pleasures’ Treasures.

OpenStack has been enthusiastically adopted by incumbents such as IBM, HP, Oracle, and others, to help them make tech to defeat their younger rivals. [In a sign that irony is dead, they have even referred to themselves as “The Rebel Alliance”.—Ed).

The forces which be struggling with law and order, and a prime example would be Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and most probably most other agencies and orders with needs in the provision of leading intelligence sectors and vectors, to combat and/or assimilate and driver and not radicalise fundamentally a growing metadatabase , are similarly into such cloakings of themselves, are they not ……..with a particular and peculiar known unknown example being The Flag Day Associates?
IT aint rocket science and it is a long ago well known fact that delivers a real live virtual fiction for home base command and control, that to create a new enemy has one issuing eventful controls for battling against crazy ghost hosts which are merely simple aids used to justify and maintain and retain proxy remote negative power with mad destructive capital spending …….. which be the product of intellectual property deficit and challenges which result in supplies of increasingly burdensome and inevitably unsustainable and unaccepted and unacceptable debt.
Welcome to the Flagship ZerodDay Explosive Exploitive Great Games Suite ….. where the Rebel be Renegade and Presidential and Prime Ministerial King and Queen and Ace Player of Master Piloted Suits/Advanced Persistent Threat Teams for the Active Cyber Terrain of Live Operational Virtual Environments …….. Post Modern Information Rich and Intelligence Led and Fed Media Reality.
Or are you following something else, which has no base in and relationship with intelligence and which be always delivering chaos and mayhem/doom and gloom/fear and conflict/division and inequity?
Speak up now, don’t be shy and don’t be fooling yourself with the sharing here of nonsense for such as is revealed here is future phorming all of your lives, and beta testing for all lies too.
18 May, 2014 – 12:20 pm ….. asking a few simple questions on http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2014/05/the-acanchi-effect/
But you surely you all already know that everything political is made up on a daily sub-prime ministerial basis for presidential type briefings and pimped and pumped by compromised media to create a buzz and seeds to feed what is hoped to be thought up for tomorrow. And it is why there is such conflict and chaos on such a stage and in platforms which be so fully entertaining of the intellectually challenged and perversely corrupt, because what is presented is so pathetically poor and not good and great.
The bigger question is what are going to do about it with Command and Control of IT and the money system and CyberSpace?
Or have you planned and be you quite content to leave it all and IT to others who know how to handle such things virtually remotely and relatively anonymously?
Methinks that be a really smart move and most wise in these strange new days with magic zerodays to exploit and expand upon.

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