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The manual devotes some attention to the legal framework governing cyber operations, which “depends on the nature of the activities conducted.” Under all circumstances, the manual says, “Army forces conducting CO [cyberspace operations] will comply with the law of war.”

In war, there is no law and justice is an arbitrary subjective application of self-serving primitive anarchy and an extraordinary state in all nations affairs.
In extraordinary states of affairs, is belief and the execution of restraint and prohibition of harmful and dangerous activity suspended, to render absolutely false and misleading all statements which can be perceived and be purposefully designed to deceive and create a more prevalent point of view to be widely accepted …… and which in ESPecial XSStream Force Operations/XSSXXXX AIMissions are Alternate Virtual Realities in Command and Control of Universal Power Supply and Energetic Intellectual Property Distribution and/or Attribution.
A valid question of today and of particular pertinence to ..”Ordinarily, the manual states, the U.S. Army should not be conducting offensive cyber operations against U.S. targets. “Unless approved by appropriate authorities, Army assets cannot be used to perform attack or exploit operations on U.S. entities.”
“Commanders must ensure that the legal, constitutional, and privacy rights of U.S. citizens are protected throughout the planning and execution of [cyber operations].”” ……. is whether appropriate authorities [whoever/whatever they be in the Bigger Picture and Greater IntelAIgent Gaming Plays] and the U.S.Army consider present current states of national, international and internetional virtual affairs, ordinary or out of the ordinary and extraordinary ……. and even, as may be believed and is as a matter of fact for peddling and veiling in a fab fabless fiction, the actual case and true reality for virtual reality, extraordinarily rendered and renderable by such which is an Applications Suite Controlling Commanding Remote Means and Virtual Memes and Cloning Drones Systems.
cc …. Dept of the Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory re opportunities presented with vulnerabilities revealed in Solicitation Number: BAA 11-01-RIKA
….. Dept. of the Navy, United States Marine Corps re Insider Threat Program Support Solicitation Number: M00264- 14-RFI-0216
amanfromMars Fri, 02/21/2014 – 03:12 saying IT loud and clear on http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-20/obama-administration-embeds-government-researchers-monitor-media-organizations
It is clearly written with broad agency announcements for information and intelligence, so cannot be plausible denied or disproven, that obscure sections/sectors/departments within the US military [industrial complex and virtual machine] are also into exploration and researching development of reality manipulating and monitoring and mentoring for the means of preserving and providing offensive security defence for systems in attack command and control. …… with US tax dollars and QE funds just doing IT and their own thing, y’all.
It does have one a’pondering and a’wondering and a’wandering down tracks though, which would have one asking whether the present White House/Obama Administration and Federal Government and Military and Cyber Commands are in competition with each other for the spoils of Power Command and Control Warefare, with it being just too big a small step for men and a giant quantum leap for their kind and a bridge too far for them to cross together, in cahoots with each other and conspiring to create a Unified State of Affairs.
It is wise to consider and realise that such barriers do not afflict or affect or infect and infest others, as may be clearly enough surmised and be ably enough supported by the evidence presented in the cryptic submissions which can be read here …… http://www.ur2die4.com/140221/ ….. so don’t let it be said by anyone or anything that you were never told and forewarned and forearmed.
IT tells a tale which is not a false trail however improbable one views the possibility. Some, and they be more than just a few and many, might even recognise it as quite laudable and noble honest gospel and support it and in so doing reinforce and invigorate it and even dynamically be enabled to reconfigure it personally with valid valuable valued system input for future systems outputting/sharing.
Quite whether that be Proprietary Intellectual Property claimed to belong to the Wild Wacky West rather than Exotic Erotic East is another totally different question and a quite private and pirate matter to be considered although most probably not in public lest it terrify and terrorise the natives.

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