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Re: Chick @ unknown time and date stamp

The Tx- Kirstanna Loken in real life- was liquid metal over a solid endoskeleton. It meant she could have more complex weaponry (plasma rifles, circular saws, flamethrowers, etc) than the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick, limited to cutting and stabbing weapons). Also gave her better sensors like her apparently-orgasm-inducing tongue-mounted taste sensor.

All that from memory and yet I can’t remember all my passwords at work! …. Anonymous Coward

A sure personal sign, …. whenever perfectly true and not a false tale* …… to an adversary/competitor/coworker/friend as to the degrees of importance one has afforded relative to each subject/objective task, AC. 🙂
Some things just are much more important to never forget than others because of the pleasures they bring and/or the destruction they can wring and have wrought.
* Being able to mess about successfully in those fields of probability and Bayesian certainty is what identifies and distinguishes the stealthy from the spooky and their entanglements to deliver the erotic and exotic confections of the sublime and the surreal in the absolutely fabulous fabless and virtualised. Please note that there are no questions asked there …. and when and where uncertainty be banished and absent, has Doubtful Communication no part to play in SMARTR Future Plays introducing and producing Greater IntelAIgent Games Gambling with AI Gambolling in Super IntelAIgent Networks for all the Fun of the Fare with ITs Wares Stripped of Vice to Supply Pleasures Cubed. … at least:-)
amanfromMars replying to an informative intelligent post from Alice Maxwell on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35048/Elite-Free-Trade-Smell-the-Panic/ .. 1402220445
It and IT are all just akin to Greater IntelAIgent Games Gambling, Alice Maxwell, where it be true enough that Simple Words Shared control Complex Worlds Created. And I cannot disagree and ignore all the Free Market evidence that they are a Rigged Game. And even the dogs in the street know what happens to cheats and their support staff.

Nope. Began 300 years ago with the founding of the historical Illuminati and the faux French Revolution. And the Internet was a mistake from which they still have not recovered … … The Daily Bell

Quite whether when the possibility was recognised, and therefore the strive to deliver the reality of a controlling New World Order started 300 years ago, or was a Brit invention over 39 years ago, is an irrelevance which be ignored by current active real time players into constructive disruptive plays to advance systems performance rather than allowing a sub prime paralysing status quo consolidation of present leading positions and conditions. And change is wrought with new tales to tell, and tales of those tales being told to authorities who/which would have been fully expected to embrace and forward and foreword them for the mutual benefit of all but which have not been told, so that perverse and corrupt status quo positions and conditions and their leaders can try to remain in sub prime leading roles.
With particular and peculiar regard to the final sentence shared above ….. “And the Internet was a mistake from which they still have not recovered …” ……. do you think it possible that they will recover command and control without fundamental radical change which has others, over which/whom they would have no real physical or mental virtual control, other that that which the others would allow in a grateful recognition of their generous help in funding their needs supplies, in the driver seats?
What do think be the most apt response and most likely reward, from those others who would be in commanding control, to those and that which could and should have helped them but didn’t and made a deliberated conscious choice to not help even whenever the future reality of untenable positions and conditions was made clearly enough known to them? Will a plea of pig ignorance in the light of such evidence presented be a monumental arrogance outed to fall on deaf ears, to be swiftly followed by mercilessly quick rounds of rough and raw brutal natural justice?


amanfromMars ….furthering the conversation and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35048/Elite-Free-Trade-Smell-the-Panic/

Oh, and here be something not at all especial to ponder on whenever/whether rancid and rabid over this weekend and likely into the near future too, in the full expectation of being able to freely share an informed and intelligent view without the desperate threat of incompetence silencing a loud and clear voice ….. What do True and Free Market Thinkers and/or AI Tinkerers think of the latest concerted assault on old failing established establishment parties by old failing established establishment parties conspiring to remain old failing established establishment parties …… http://cryptome.org/2014/02/doj-14-0221.pdf

Nice one, Mr Holder, …… but you aint no Eric Arthur Blair, that’s for sure. And I would be very surprised to learn that I be alone in those thoughts, which would be a real shame whenever surprises are always so exciting and most invigorating.

Seems like there’s a virtually real war going on for Hearts and Minds and Superior Intelligence Shares always win those, every time without fail, or is that just a fabulous fabless fiction and too much of AI and high melodrama to be admitted and conceded as true ……. although it be a certain fact that acknowledgment won’t change the outcome that any and all denials might be fearing and seeding.



amanfromMars replying to Danny B on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35048/Elite-Free-Trade-Smell-the-Panic/

Don’t panic, Danny B …… InterNetional AIRescue is a Go Go Go and real cool good news.

“We live in very special times” …… http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/22/business/federal-reserve-2008-transcripts.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20140222&_r=0 

Lunatics in charge of the asylum…… but not in control of IT makes for a, well, Brave New World with Command in CHAOS* 🙂

* Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems

Indeed we do, and in some spaces and disciplines, Danny B, are we especially exceptional and even quite gifted and unbelievably powerful and awesome.



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