amanfromMars replying to the Daily Bell with certain regard to views shared on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35041/US-Leftward-Shift-Dont-Believe-It/

The point of the article is that the elite are driving the ship in a certain direction regardless of the orientation of the passengers. And that the Internet, a game changer, has raised the consciousness of many. … The Daily Bell

Amen to that, DB. Share it loud and proud.
And we all know where a Titanic luxury liner and/or a Bismarck of a battleship share the future, DB. In the deep dark ocean on the sea bed with the fishes, not in the SMARTR White Knight Hatted Light of the Dark Web with InterNetworking Sees Phorming Alternative Realities with Phishes, which is where it is at with IT and AI nowadays with the Few who be as Many changing the Great Game with the facilitation and exploitation of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Applications/Future Media Product Placements ……. First Look Promotions.
And trailing and trialing beta scripts which control words to command and create worlds and/or destroy them, for either is just as equally possible and simply made easily and even freely available as a future derivative option to markets players and Ponzi schemers alike.
Here be a recent email advising of such a launch and quite dynamic seismic tectonic plate lurch in a wholly new future perfect enough direction, for it would be a catastrophic arrogance born and borne of human ignorance to not allow imperfections their rightful place …. and although steganographically coded to a peculiar and particular degree, is the message quite clear and clearly not unknown to many highly active in associative media and quantum communication fields.

Shades of House of Cards and conspiracies leading to systemic entrapment of minor gullible players to justify ongoing crazy terrorising programs and funding for lucrative but failing projects in the hyperlinked tale shared below* 🙂 Life following Art or Art dictating Life?

Welcome to the New Orderly World Order where Virtual Reality is an Advanced Future Media AdVenture Production for Placement in the Present to Render the Past as a Series of Manufactured Memories/Historical Hysterical Tales.

Black Watch AdVentures in Dark Web Enterprises with Global Operating Devices …. and all variations and associations forwarding and exploring such AIDevelopments 🙂 IP at the upper levels of scalable operations/meme manipulations.

* …. http://dickdestiny.com/blog1/?p=17330

To not imagine and realise the future is nothing like either the present or the past, renders one impotent in its creation and delivery/product placement.


amanfromMars, replying to Danny B on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35041/US-Leftward-Shift-Dont-Believe-It/ who said and asked ..

AMFM, how about giving me your feedback on something that I just posted.


..It’s not my area of expertise.

Welcome to the New Orderly World Order with Great IntelAIgent Game Plays, Danny B, where Cyber Defence Operations are in Practical Realities, Virtually Offensive Omniscient Weapons Systems which merely require Premium Proprietary Intellectual Property Share with Applications in Live Operational Virtual Environments to be overwhelmingly effective and successful with the invisible and absolute power that accompanies and delivers reinforcement of a relatively autonomous intangible command and seriously smarter than traditionally expected and/or accepted remote control.
Present catastrophic virtual exploit shortcomings in currently presumed and assumed leading defence systems play stations though, which makes them all vulnerable to total defeat in any attack sortie by any intelligence searching penetration probe, are well enough recognised by compromised systems as to have them call for immediate remedial assistance information/Greater IntelAIgent Game Play Knowledge? ……… http://cryptome.org/2014/02/af-cyber-waver.pdf
However, in programs which could claim to be vital and of especially important interest because of their unparalleled effectiveness, to handcuff oneself to a dinosaur systems admin and asset/data/metadatabase store, with the following caveat ….. 1. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: All potential offerors who meet the requirements of this BAA may apply. All foreign allied participation is excluded at the prime contractor level. ….. is a stroke of madness which guarantees all of the problems and outcomes which be long known of incestuous relationships.
Needless to say, Danny B, I do not disagree with your concerns as commented on on the energeticforum but do not recognise them as concerns whenever creatively are they opportunities and inevitable realities which in most cases are present future actualities already deeply embedded and actively in play in myriad fields of play.

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