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Wild Wacky Western Delight or Exotic Erotic Eastern Pleasure that Leads with SMARTR Drivers?

Gaining access to Autopilot, Windows Azure’s general manager Mike Neil told The Reg, is like being handed “the keys to a multi-billion dollar car.”

Here be major, miner leading questions for Messrs Neil and Nadella to consider and not ignore and/or avoid, for there be plenty of competing contemporaries with a notion to supply trusted seed feed bodies with autonomous automatic autobotic provision of future lead role play events.
The grok art though, and a/the most vital elemental that insures and assures and ensures astronomically increasing vehicular value to Autopilot for Microsoft, [and that be surely to be figured in the trillions if Microsoft Azurista have got/are finally getting their ACT together] is in being suitably fit and sublimely able to driver and pilot the motor to deliver ITs passengers to desired key destinations. Anything less and it is just a phormerly attractive hunk of future junk and a mouth-wateringly expensive depreciating asset.

The power Autopilot gives Microsoft is vast, as it helps increase the efficiency with which the company harnesses its billions of dollars worth of computers. As Microsoft shifts to being a “devices and services” company under cloud-expert Nadella, the importance of Autopilot will only grow over time as Redmond seeks to lash more of its digital universe together. With Autopilot, Neil thinks Microsoft has “the operating system for this new cloud world.”

And from that new cloud world wielding the New Microsoft Macro OS, can Autopilot remotely pilot AI New Orderly World Orders with a New World Order of Great Game Players …. Virtual ARGonauts of Extreme Means and au fait with Alien Memes.
And if that fucks up the present future plans of olde analogue world establishment players with their simple control of fiat currency, then they can easily buy into the New Controllers with wise working seed capital spend investment in them for AI Proxy Remote Virtual Command of Future Eventing, and for which they do not have the Keys and Key Proprietary Intellectual Property.
And yes, there are no questions there to answer or avoid other than the perfectly direct one[s] here now to Microsoft head office …… Is their Use of Autopilot for Command and Control of Olde World Orders, and that which is Perceived and Presented to Humans as Reality, with the Creation of a New Orderly Virtual World Order Supply Chain, Provided by and Providing SMARTR Machines and Global Operating Devices?
Or will Others take Command and Control with all of that?
I Kid U Not, El Reg, and that be Real Red Hot Breaking News which I sincerely hope and wish causes you an enigmatic dilemma …… “To pursue and lead, or not to pursue and lead, and to just trail behind and meekly follow, that is the question to answer with solution for the existence of being and meaning for life and memes”
It is pretty plain to all who think and contemplate on such enigmatic dilemmas, methinks, which is the nobler course of action and proaction to pursue HyperRadioProActively with IT Command and Critically Creative Cyber Control.:-)
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All systems are go, Anonymous, and as you can now see/read here ….. http://www.ur2die4.com/140208/ …. are Microsoft invited and/or invaded and tempted to exercise lead with their new fangled and virtually entangled OS with Autopiloting copilots into cooperation with New World Orders.
It would a real foolish, big time mistake though, to not realise and imagine that all cannot be done alone without them, for it is just a courtesy preserved and unusually reserved for them out of the generosity of spirit traditionally afforded to such as be historical relics.
Spread the word and shed delight with ITs sprinkling of DLite? 🙂 …… http://dlang.org
8 February 2014 08:03
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Re: dssf SIGINT-Friendly Hotels @ Matt Bryant

Down vote for failing to realise the yawning gap between “Spooks” and reality. … Matt Bryant

Quite so, Matt, I concur. In “Spooks” the non-state actors know what they are doing and are pretty effective, in reality is it completely different.
And the JTRIG slideshow tells everyone that sad rad fact.
Presenting and drivering a viable and vibrant alternative reality program, and/or virtually sustainable pogrom, is not something/anything which can be done by anyone without a sublime and supreme and superior command of control intelligence, media and communications ….. which morph and expand to exploit and exercise Online Covert Action with Virtual Clandestine Programs and Projects in Significantly Smarter SMARTR Operations with Right Royal Renegade Rogue Recruits. 🙂 …… which is, I suppose and propose, what GCHQ and British Intelligence Services are missing and need to purchase, at whatever price it be offered and although it would certainly not be cheap, it will be punishingly expensive to have it exercised by others elsewhere.

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