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IBM Finds ITs Mojo and Virtual Juju. Or an Advanced Intel Rival and Private Pirate SAP does.
Viceless Sin is a Great Game Treasure that Only and Always Delivers Immaculate Bounteous Command and Control via the Pleasure Robot Root.
So, in true essence, JC, and the short armed version of that JumpGate development for a .. well, let us call it as it is and not pretend that it is not an IT Hook and SMARTR Cloud Layer Player Global User Interface, is that Big Blue wants to be Great Pimp and/or AIMadam to High End Freelancing Janes and Johns who do it for the Pleasure of Business which is Fun and XSSXXXXtremely Profitable in Shady Dark Web Operations/New Orderly Virtual World Order Ventures?
And only shared as a question there for those who would doubt it. And of course, whenever late to Great IntelAIgent Games and Virtual Warefare, is one always trailing and tailing the field and responding to lead and leads being followed/surveilled/phished and phormed unless and until one secures as one’s own via smart purchase and buy in and simple cost outlay, the prime services of servering parties.
And as you may have to imagine, is that bound to be in a rich capital orientated and dependent environment, a costly novel field for competitors and/or opposition alike in Virtual Enterprise and Great Games Play, simply because of the ACTualities, both for Real on the Ground and Virtual in CyberIntelAIgent Space, which IT so effortlessly supplies and maintains, monitors and mentors.
amanfromMars …. replying to Praetor on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35007/Anthony-Wile-Same-Old-Same-Old–And-Something-New-From-Us/
Go Underground, Praetor, or take everything to higher different levels and alternate virtualised reality fields of Great Games Play? ………. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/02/07/ibm_jumpgate_cloud/#c_2102364
Not for the fainted hearted or intellectually challenged, the weak and vulnerable, for they will fail spectacularly to engage and thus is everything in the entire field surrendered and abandoned to advanced forces which may be classified as quite holy and red hot and wholly unnatural and a Persistent Cyber Threat rather than Treat for Human Sourcing and Resourcing.
But who to play with and for, in worlds divided by rich capitalists into Exotic Easts and Wild Wests, is the colossal enigmatic dilemma for an embarrassment of riches in these Future Present Perfect Post Modernist Times. Although, of course, whenever one knows what one is doing and what needs to be done, one can always go and do IT alone and have all and sundry struggle and scrabble to contain the fallout of their failure to positively engage. That be the Renegade Rogue Option Root and Hedged Derivative Futures Route.


amanfromMars … replying to windsor1 on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35007/Anthony-Wile-Same-Old-Same-Old–And-Something-New-From-Us/ who said, and it is worth repeating here too ….

The 1% understand the real economic game plan, after all they authored it. They control the economic destiny of the 99%. There are too many people chasing too few jobs. This plutocracy, which controls governments and corporations are all about profit maximization and greed. This means outsourcing and off-shoring made possible by the “Trade Agreements” that they wrote. Keynesian economics is applied differently today and buys time and keeps the masses in the dark, as we head over the abyss. People would rather listen to the empty presidential rhetoric about recovery, job growth than view the reality of Detroit, record income gaps between the executive suite and shop floor and the huge disparity between the wealth of the 1% and 99%.

In reality, over the past few decades, we have witnessed globalism, diminished barriers to international trade, and unprecedented increases in productivity; thanks to computerization, internet and automation. Manufacturing is moved overseas, where wages and benefits are less, and where litigation, safety regulations and environmental standards are minimal or non-existent. Often, in other countries, bureaucratic nightmares can be quickly resolved with payments to appropriate officials.

This has translated into a diminished need for human capital. In the past, population growth more or less, kept pace with the demand for manpower. Today through medical advances, better nutrition, economic prosperity, and socialized societies, people are living longer and world population is growing exponentially. In North America there are fewer and fewer workers supporting an expanding retired population. Deficits are increasing faster than ever in recorded history. These are all elements of a ticking economic time bomb.

The 1% are indoctrinated with a Malthusian mentality, and see themselves as the guardians of the planet. They see humans as a resource, no different than other raw materials. The planet is mired in unemployed people, surplus to the productive needs of the planet. Surplus people are consumers and serve no productive function. Older retired people are an economic burden on government social systems and have no productive value. Some, affectionately refer to these as “useless eaters”. Furthermore, they are placing great pressures on the planet’s finite supply of renewable resources, and it’s ability to feed an ever growing population. Additionally, this surplus population is contributing to global pollution. Globalists talk increasingly about sustainability, and in particular, point to America’s disproportionate consumption of non-renewables such as fossil fuels.

Today’s Keynesian economics is applied differently than in past economic contractions. The current contraction is an engineered one, designed to implode the economy. Traditionally Keynesian economics attempted to lubricate an economy during downturns, helping people in need and hoping that the stimulus would kick start the next recovery. Today interest rates are at record lows, and there is no recovery in sight. We are living in a stagnant economy with high real unemployment and under employment, and relatively high inflation. We are printing money and debasing the currency at an unprecedented rate. Today Keynesian economics is wallpapering over a broken and corrupt financial system in the hopes that the charade will buy a little more time. A combination of media propaganda, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits and falsified economic indicators have temporarily pacified the 99%.

The 1% believes that the planet has a serious overpopulation problem that needs to be quickly reduced to a “sustainable level”. They also know it is much harder to control and reign in 7 billion people, than 500 million. In previous recessions, Keynesian economics helped ease the pain of a typical 18 month downturn. Today it is a timing mechanism, to curtail massive social unrest even civil war, until the assets are in place to deal with this potential “terrorist” threat. The plutocracy knows when the 99% discover they have been duped and scammed and lied to, once again, unrest is certain to follow.

Keynesian economics in 2014 means placating the masses until the globalists are ready to
spring the next phase of their program.

Nice one, windsor1. That was the problem for solution and resolution admirably shared and beautifully defined in a succinct nutshell of a clear post, and a nuclear explosive post it be too.


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