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Re: Ah well… @ Don Jefe [Posted Thursday 5th September 2013 23:03 GMT]
Quite so, DJ. Such AlienSpeak is secure enough to practically get all virtual jobs done in a relative flash and/or flash crash too if the markets are tardy/unresponsive/dumb and dim-witted/paralysed and terrorised.


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@RobHib Re: @Don Jefe – Ah well… Unintended Consequences always Best Deliver Novel Opportunities

Basically, the US Government gave us an unfettered internet 20 or so years ago and it’s realized its mistake. And over the last decade it has surreptitiously brought it back under its control. It’s only now we are beginning to realise this and to the extent to which it has been successful. ….. RobHib Friday 6th September 2013 09:07 GMT

Successfully surreptitiously brought back under its control, RobHib? Methinks currently be that a dream scenario in which the realities of today and tomorrow play no part ……. although with a little extra especial work done, would one not be able to rule out it being so configured for/in the future.


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 @sunnyskies Re: GCHQ are doing their job


When Hermann Goering formed the Gestapo in the early 1930s, he stated that “he who is of good-will has nothing to fear from the secret State police”. He did not deny that mail was being opened, telephones tapped and “disaffected persons” being shadowed. ….. sunnyskies Posted Friday 6th September 2013 06:03 GMT

Quite so. However, the corollary of that may not be so true, sunnyskies …… “Secret State police have nothing to fear from they of good-will”

Indeed, it may very well be that they have everything to fear from that which they ignore and/or dismiss and become so terrified and terrorised by events they monitor and mentor to become paralysed and useless in every form of their being.


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Yes, but do you plan to overthrow the government of the United States by violence? …. ribosome Posted Friday 6th September 2013 08:17 GMT

All governments have problems nowadays, and forever more into the foreseeable future, because they are easily overthrown without violence and with intelligence which cannot be countenanced and countered/identified and denied.
And to be a right dodgy wannabe puppet master and failed government leader and to actively resist and persist in political office with the proposing and clandestine planning of violence on the agenda, makes one a person of foreign intelligence interest and most likely a terrorist wannabe too, no matter how unlikely that be officially and officiously spun in an opposite direction? That would then render one an unsavoury attraction and unnecessary distraction to be classified in/by intelligence circles/chiefs as a legitimate target for prime executive action and removal from the scenery …. and the Great Game Space Place.

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