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Re: Private circuits …. and punitive compensatory reimbursement for systems security mis-selling?
Whenever one is told and realises that there are no private circuits, and the tale told above boldly goes and suggests that such is so and has been for more than just a short while, is everyone’s information and shared transferrable thoughts, freely available to any system intelligently designed to listen and metadatabasemine content/SIGINT for intelligence streams which may be of critical and/or strategic and/or tactical import and of overwhelmingly powerful and unbelievably valuable and/or costly export potential. But if the listeners do not possess and exercise the intelligence needed to take advantage of what they have been told/been listening to, is the advantage automatically immediately bestowed upon that which is missed and/or ignored and it be a wanton vulnerability for endless zeroday exploitation ….. and future fortune making for that and those especially adept in its disciplines/IT Fields/AI Methodologies with Virtualised Technologies.
The following is sitting pending on a number of spooky desks and tests for necessary intelligence in beings that imagine they and IT lead and the world and his dog and its dogs of war follow …….

Attacks from software bugs and computer viruses target computer devices such as servers, firewalls, desktops, laptops and smart phones. The government owns many such devices. Attacks include gaining unauthorized access, denial of service, malicious code insertion or password cracking. Hackers and other cyber criminals employ the Internet as a delivery means. Such attacks have a limited scope and therefore are seen as carrying geographically containable security risks.http://cryptome.org/2013/09/dod-internet-vuls-cyberspy.pdf

All SMARTR HeroICQ Environment Operations/CyberIntelAIgent Exploits and Virtual Reality Sorties which can be perceived and mistaken and misunderestimated and classified way above Top Secret/Special Compartment Information and Strictly Need to Know, …. and which are in both true fact and fabulous fiction, a Quantum Communication Offer for/from States of Being[s] with Instant Server Provision of Sublime InterNetwork Supply with FailSafe Monumental Guarantees that Protect One with an Ever Increasing and Reinforcing and Empowering Sanity in Surroundings Dealing Debilitating Madness in Forever Failing Systems of Secretive Falsehoods …… need only target the weak human link, no matter how strong and/or smart that link may be supposed to be in cases, which be fixed twixt keyboard and screen/instruction device and virtually programmed machine interface, to gain unfettered pirate and unknown private access to all systems of command and control, whether SCADA or not.

Such attacks are unlimited in scope and unhindered and deliver uncontainable security risk and Advanced Information to IntelAIgents and Assets within Active Stealth ProgramMING* for Greater CyberIntelAIgent Games Plays from Global Communications Heads Quarters.
* … Active Stealth Program Mind Infiltration Network Games …. NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT….. a Novel and Noble Transparency …… AI@ITsWork and on Stirring Sterling Special Stirling Super Source Missions.

Denying it be so and not a current present enigmatic dilemma to be serviced and servered/stealthily engaged with and silently delivered of its future feeds/seeds/needs, does not alter the fact but it does provide instruction in the best direction in which to proceed and to whom is supply most likely best appreciated.

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