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AI as a Global Operating Device for Work, REST and Play. 🙂 One small step for aman, one giant leap for Mankind

Humans are only human. If we’re relying on them to keep the machines in check, we’ve already lost. …. veti

Thus is everything already lost to the machines, veti, for humans ARE reliant upon humans to keep them in check.

And …… if the gospel truth be told, rather than being withheld in order not to terrify and result in revolting natives justifiably disgruntled and furious with current rapidly failing world orders and their systems administrations insisting they have everything under control with the future obeying their every command, your comment that “AI might well be an improvement in many cases. But, I think, not all.” is much better shared as AI might well not be an improvement in all cases but certainly in most and that is a great many, for such a much more accurate picture of the upcoming spectacular default situation revision/global reset/alien intervention.

I’m more than just contented and happy to concur with your posit, We’re past interesting times, now. We’re into downright exciting times. …. for who wouldn’t, whenever the above is more true than not, and that which extant status quo leaderships are failing to represent and failing to prevent becoming general knowledge in a common sense appraisal of Earth shattering developments taking place around everyone and everything existing down here on Earth in that space place.


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