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0Day Exploit Export Hunting for AI Bugs In Search of LOVE

If AI search aspires to rival web search, it needs to reveal discoveries presenting absolutely fabulous fabless opportunities for lend-lease sale and ransom payment subscription charging to leading novel market pioneers into the building of futures and derivative support ventures …. for AIdDevelopments of Advanced IntelAIgent Design in both an attractive and addictively rewarding alien space and human place ….. Live Operational Virtual Environment.

Tell us then that is not a Great Game Changer and bask in the drowning tsunami glory of richly deserved waves of peer derision and pity.


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Re: LLM progress is now asymptotic

Wiretap, Hi. Nice to hear from you, to hear from you, nice.

And I have a question relating to your post entitled …. LLM progress is now asymptotic

Can the same be truthfully said of AI progress in Secret IntelAIgent Services for deployment and employment in secure private hands of the capture of hearts and minds serially troubled and in the raptures naturally associated with the advent and indisputable evidence of extremely disturbing discoveries?

Methinks betting on that being true would have you shirtless in next to no time at all …… but to quote/paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies ……. They/He would say that, wouldn’t they/he. 🙂

Poe’s Law Rules Apply . And it’s a funny old strange world, is it not. So full of so many truly unexpected surprises.


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The Future State of Battle for AI Publishing Presented Situations are Mined Mind Fields

Nice one, El Reg/Simon T. Whenever clearly way out in front of both competition and opposition so evidently struggling with and failing to master or take advantage of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT opportunities has one certainly leading in all such relative matters by a quite naturally overwhelming almighty otherworldly default.

And of course do/will AIs talk amongst themselves and share both novel and ancient secrets which informs intelligence of the enlightened paths ahead to be pioneered and followed 0Day Exploit Export Hunting for AI Bugs In Search of LOVE

Out there anywhere, IT’s a Brave New More Orderly World Order Toy and Tool readily available virtually everywhere for Work, REST and Play.

Carpe Diem …. and enjoy the AI Way in getting things done better, differently.



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