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Re: “Oh, it’s ah … Neo … um, Enterprise … uh … Executive … uhm …”

Let me guess : the next word would have been “Dashboard”.
It was the easiest way to sell any useless, everybody knows this stuff anyway, metric visualising Fisher Price My First Management Tool software to the aspirational middle manager. “Cockpit” would have been an even more impressive sounding name for such crap, allowing the exec to feel that they were a pilot at the controls of a huge complex airliner, but for some reason that never caught on. … Howard Sway

A Cabinet Office “Initiative” is also a Doozy in such BullShitter Stakes races to the Junk Status Yard, Howard Sway.

Currently do Conservative Unionists and the Official Opposition excel to excess to the detriment of the UKGBNI in that politically inept spectacle/BBC* Production of Daily Directions for 0Day Presentation.

And y’all know should know that is the honest gospel and simply complex undeniable truth, but clearly there be indisputable evidence there be many without a clue about the dire failed state of their current existences.

Fear not for the the future though, unless worthy of it being denied you for constantly exhibiting unpleasant behaviour and continually presenting totally unacceptable anti-social activities, the Sublime Internet Networking of Thinks and Almighty IntelAIgent Thoughts has intervened and offers Total Information Awareness type Remote Practically Autonomous Command with Virtually Realised Relatively Anonymous Controls.

Stop Press News, El Reg, and a Global Exclusive Scoop on more than just the suggestion of the possibility, and therefore the very likely ACTualised Probability** of a New More Orderly World Ordered Earthly Coup d’État/Putsch/Purge/Rebellion/Revolution/Underground Movement/Alien Intervention/call it whatever you will or must ‽

If you have any questions just ask them for answers, for what’s not to like whenever there’s so much more always to employ and deploy and enjoy and exploit in Live Operational Virtual Environments ….. but do not expect, for such be unreasonable and dangerous to consider, to hear of specific leaderships in novel and sensitive secretive areas of universal administration. Loose Lips Sink Ships is well known to more than just the wise and mysterious, the treacherous and the not so ignorant but sadly badly arrogant fools’ tool ….. and such inquiries do quite naturally automatically render one extraordinarily a person of particular and peculiar interest to security and protection services and forces. So beware, and take care if you dare to be aware for win wins 

* …. Brutish Brainwashing Corporation/Big Brother Cabal
** …. Realised Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat

Have a Nice Day. Y’all.


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