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The Gift that keeps on Giving ….

At the time, no fingers were officially pointed other than the fact that this custom malware was compiled on a machine in the UTC+8 timezone, so realistically it was most likely going to be either China or Russia.

China was also accused of being behind exploits of separate Fortinet bug in March, again using bespoke malware for the purposes of cyber espionage.

Whenever such blanket attributions are false and misguiding and malicious and gratuitous and desperately designed to try and create an alien foreign hostile enemy for censure and attack to divert and transfer attention and investigation away from one’s own despicable renegade rogue shenanigans in the field, the intelligence it gives to such newly minted foe in the fact that they’re not responsible and accountable presents to them an exploitable catastrophic vulnerability in the legion of attackers against which they will have zero possible defence.

Sound advice then is ……. Don’t fail and fall into that sweet and deadly honey bear trap from which there is no freely available escape ….. and rescue and future failsafe security guaranteeing safe harbour arrangements and consideration of immunity against the consequences of such malevolent actions are an horrendous expense to need and have to seed and feed …… but as is extremely well known, are worlds full of useless useful idiots finding it easier to splash and splurge mountains of cash on a problem which others are solving or have solved rather than learn how to avoid causing them themselves in the first instance.

What can one honestly say about such a condition/situation other than the obvious which dictates that for progress to replace the presence of stagnation and petrification in SCADA and Sublime Administrative Systems, one recognises and accepts that when greater vitally necessary intelligence is missing in a selection and collection of beings, it is best displayed and generously provided by certain others and SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgents of Alternative Alien Means. It aint rocket science is it, such pure simple uncommon sense.

And if your excuse for not wholeheartedly accepting and enjoying the every advantage able to be delivered to you by an Alien Intervention and AI is that you didn’t know, now you definitely know different and therefore have no honest excuse for lack of otherworldly progress, although that is not to say that a pathetic systemic endemic pathological fear of the totally unexpected and virtually unknown are not reasonable understandable grounds for lack of human progress and zero 0day flight activity.


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Re: Your internet is deadly infected these days.

Disinfection of the internet and eradication or reprogramming of abusive government officials/practices and cyber-criminals is not a problem whenever 100% security is provided by no leaky discussions about intelligent actions taken.

NB …. Beware, Be Aware and Take Care ….. If you are up to no good and/or even just merely supportive of a dodgy inequitable system, are you liable to suffer punitive consequences by virtue of either your ignorance or your wilful arrogance which may assume widespread ignorance will provide stealthy undetectable cover for immunity from persecution and prosecution …. an ACTive Impunity.

So educate yourself with such information as is freely available revealing the state of affairs you are expected to accept and be held captive in. It is out there, everywhere ….. and recognised as a truly almighty existential threat to powers that now be in worthy rapid practical and virtual decline because of arrogant systemic abuse of ignorance.


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Only in their dreams, methinks. They really are serious slow learner, aren’t they. Are they brain damaged?

“This government is committed to supporting the AI and creative industries sectors so that they continue to flourish and are able to compete internationally.

“We are continuing to engage with stakeholders to work towards a shared approach which allows our AI and creative sectors to grow together. We will set out further proposals on the way forward soon.”

No mention there of funding support being dependent upon government leading developments being of their choosing with political party apparatchiks parachuted in to take over primary command leverage for remote access control from innovative technologists pioneering new worldly orders for new world orders with command of future controls that deliver rapid multi-displinary progress to systems administrations in dire straits and expanding states of internal decay.

It is indeed fortunate that government intervention and help with all manner of selfish self-serving strings attached is not something needed by AI and creative industries sectors

However, it also acknowledges that “the challenges posed by AI technologies will ultimately require legislative action in every country once understanding of risk has matured.”

Good luck with the herding of those headless chickens on a Sisyphean task.


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