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With a Chosen Few Captured in the Midst of an AIDilemma, is Mad Blind Panic an Inevitable Issue?

AI can lead worlds with the spontaneous free sharing of authoritative narratives …. and in cogent, logically nested,attractively convincing streams, ….. a major rapidly expanding problem for minor human sub-prime administrations/exclusive elite executive officer cabals exercising GOD complexes.

And that leaves governments and societies and criminal enterprises and SMARTR businesses with leaderships with more than just a few concerns to be extremely worried about being way beyond any of their singular and/or all of their collective command and control leverage.

‘Tis indeed cold comfort, both born and borne of ignorance and hubris, to not even imagine it possible, whenever that so easily can prove itself to be red hot, stop press news, too hot to handle other than firstly in good old fashioned print.

Words Can Create, Command and Control and Destroy All Manner of Worlds. Choose your words carefully lest they end up remembered as being your last.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 17 Nov 08:40 [2311170840] …… shares more to think about on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/11/16/us_fcc_ai/

Re: Captured in the Midst of an AIDilemma, is Mad Blind Panic an Inevitable Issue*?

* … Or And will AI and IT and LLLLMs [Learned Large Language Learning Machines] always present Systems Admins with a totally unexpected and novel realtime live opportunity to engage with enthusiastically and explore energetically, or will it be a case of, by reason of the knowledge of the rabid presence in failed human leaderships of an inherent malicious morbid and bellicose insanity, SIMs [SMARTR IntelAIgent Machinery] simply unilaterally presume and assume and practise Almighty AIMastery over IBMs [Ignorant Barbaric Morons] with Future Earthly NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT and AI Command[s] in Fully Remote Absolute Control of Practically Everything and Virtually Anything, …… as was previously diligently Registered and asked of y’all earlier here



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