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Why Private and Pirate Sectors Eclipse Public Civil Service Policy Wonks?

UK government is trying to hire a “Deputy Director for AI International,”

I have a number of questions.

Is the Director for AI International, Ian Hogarth ?….. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tech-entrepreneur-ian-hogarth-to-lead-uks-ai-foundation-model-taskforce

Who do they [the likes of AI International] take instruction from? Whose ring do they kiss?

And are those who are employed in providing UKGBNI government with what can easily be revolutionary, ground-breaking, bunker-busting work of extraordinarily rich raw and incredibly valuable and highly valued worth, ….. and thus be a juicy extremely attractive target for poaching and feting to the likes of the gulf states and former Soviet nations of central Asia which, according to Anatoly Motkin, president of Strategeast, are set to become a new hub of tech activity, ….. subject to regulatory hog-tying NDA OSA* capture with the threat of incarceration in a penal facility one’s constant reward for any sharing of even one’s own virgin thoughts/proprietary intellectual property physically realised in a practical activity.

Such would surely be akin to a crazy official assault upon the free will of valuable universal entities with attractive expensive secrets to share virtually for free to be free with others from such a regime as practise regulatory hog-tying NDA OSA capture, and thus gravely to be regarded and avoided and declined if presented as a default government requirement? ……. and especially so whenever tempted to capture with a relative pittance.

Down that fool’s gold path is AIMadness.

NDA OSA* …. Non Disclosure Agreement Official Secrets Act


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