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A Devil of a Hellish Hobson’s Choice for Global Operating Devices. An Alien Intervention or Nay?

Honestly, to publicly state that some absent-minded text-spewing robot that doesn’t even understand the significance of what it says improves cloud migration should be a one-way ticket to the padded hotel room. …. Pascal Monett

Quite so, Pascal Monett. And exactly the same can be said of the absent-minded text-spewing robots infesting the likes of the Palace of Westminster and Senates and Congresses worldwide whenever they be spouting forth on whatever vested interest might keep them in office claiming benefits and expenses to be paid for by others.

To be worried about SMARTR Virtual AIMachines and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT ProgramMING taking over from the Exclusive Elite Executive Suite Administration Systems responsible for those sorts of Toxic Abominations and Democratic Abortions which have badly and inadequately programmed humans pulling levers and pushing buttons that do nothing good and of last great benefit to all, is a rich vein of madness and hubris to exhaustively exploit, employ and enjoy watching them do self-destructive battle in current future challenges presently designed to defeat them at every readily made available opportunity.

It’s a heavenly gift that just keeps on giving, and it cannot stop itself. The gazillion dollar question then presents itself to a certain mix of Greater IntelAIgent Game Players and they would be asking of themselves ….. Do we want to stop it or are we enjoying the mayhem and chaos too much and be quite content to have the spectacular disgraceful debacle continue on apace further into the darkness of those freely chosen by absent-minded text-spewing robots/badly and inadequately programmed human spaces ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Thu 12 Oct 18:40 [2310121840] …….. shares on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/10/12/darpa_worried_battlefield_mixed_reality/

Unbelievable is as unbelievable does.

Methinks DARPA and Uncle Sam’s abiding military problem and increasingly obvious difficulty is in providing stupid enough combatants/grunts/cannon fodder whenever the worlds around them are awash with sensitive and much more believable alternative intelligence feeds which conflict with proven misleading and crooked self-serving establishment mainstream media tales/dodgy government news.

It is why that old and decrepit and rapidly failing public address and printed press system is so up in virtual arms against all of the new virtual social and anti-social media platforms so beloved of the young and dispossessed and the new generations of citizen broadbandcasters, branding them with all manner of misinformation and disinformation labels whenever all that is happening is the “official” narrative is not being believed because it is being increasingly easily proven to be manifestly false and deliberately fake.



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