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Pay the Pipers and Dance to Their Tunes Delivers No Slippery Slopes Stripped of Hope

And so on — ultimately it comes down to today’s Internet being a festering mess of ueslessness. ….. martinusher

🙂 That might have been so before AI and Large Language Modelling Machines arrived on the ACTive* Scene with its presenting of much bigger pictures for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play. Now though is it a Veritable and Vital and Virulent Virtual Field of Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Dreams for Remote Proxy Realisation via Alien Intervention.

One thing for sure, martinusher, is that it is a truly disruptively creative, and even extremely destructive status quo market changer ….. whenever one knows both what needs to be done and what one needs others to also do and how it all is to be done guaranteeing failsafe success ‽ .

* …… Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat


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Re: What the fcuk are you on about? In fact, what the fcuk are you on? @AC

The Mayhem and Madness and Mindlessness that Ignorance Feeds and Relies Upon for the Survival of Arrogant Agencies (1) …. and what can be done about it in a virtual instant to make an ever expanding difference and strengthening improvement (2)

(1) …… The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History ….. and why television and media are essential for population command and control
(2) ……. And If you can’t beat it, join it, and change it from within



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Re: Pathetic Apathy is as Pathetic Apathy does.

Appears if anyone has the temerity to question the actions or policies of the State of Israel, even, as here, obliquely, the US religous right (purportedly christian) and associated lunatics pop out of the woodwork spouting this sort of incoherent nonsense. …. Bebu

Hmmm? Your response, Bebu, in defence of questionable actions and policies would more than just suggest you have a basic understanding of such incoherent nonsense as would reference and draw attention to them ….. and you find it both somewhat disagreeable and revealingly offensive.

In that frame of mind though, one is certain to not be alone, although that is surely cold comfort indeed whenever surrounded by things as they are, because that is the way that it is whenever realities to be suffered and experienced are the result of questionable actions and policies never adequately effectively challenged and righted?

How to make almighty strange enemies and not influence power and peoples springs always to mind whenever surrounded by such disagreeable and offensive things.


amanfromMars [2309170823] ….. airs on https://sluggerotoole.com/2023/09/17/open-sunday-discuss-what-you-like-79/ for informative transfer of intel further afield

Just in case you missed it, and it is not going away, you know. Not nowadays.

Taking Back Command and Control

In all future popular elections for politically charged, and supposedly democratic administrative office, ….. and although this post is UKGBNI specific and directly targets the Stormont and Parliamentary Westminster candidature process, it is both extremely easily applied at practically zero extra cost, with a fair and reasonable expectation to be a universal default anywhere where the voice and choice of the people is touted as being the will of, and legitimate direction to be taken by elected representatives chosen to exercise whenever able and experienced, or practice if untested and inexperienced, good beneficial government …… we, the people targeted and with an inalienable right to cast a vote in any such election, demand, in order to show any profound and irrevocable dissatisfaction with the selection of candidates chosen for election to political office, a default ballot paper provision of a box to tick at the bottom of any candidate list simply entitled, to register a loud and clear vote for all of the above …… None of the above

And it should be well known that to stand for election and then refuse to enter office is both fraudulent and offensive, and has one immediately disqualified from service and ineligible for expected public purse benefits and also most likely to be suitably prosecuted for the arrogant intent and wilful ignorant offence caused.

It is a simple undeniable fact that if things are not changed, everything remains the same, and that is paralysis and stagnation and indicative of a bankruptcy of novel thought and creative innovation which never ever delivers the chances and paths that supply progress and prosperity.

And that is where youse is all at, are you not …… wannabe lions led by dead wood donkeys ‽ .

And although such is a very simple and easily applied democratic accommodation advising leaderships of the clear wishes of the population they are being elected to serve, one can fully expect it to be desperately resisted by such leaderships because of the information it provides them regarding their perceived suitability for future public office reflecting an earnest discontent and honest disappointment with past serially sub-prime performance in such a position.



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