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Taking Back Command and Control

In all future popular elections for politically charged, and supposedly democratic administrative office, ….. and although this post is UKGBNI specific and directly targets the Stormont and Parliamentary Westminster candidature process, it is both extremely easily applied at practically zero extra cost, with a fair and reasonable expectation to be a universal default anywhere where the voice and choice of the people is touted as being the will of, and legitimate direction to be taken by elected representatives chosen to exercise whenever able and experienced, or practice if untested and inexperienced, good beneficial government …… we, the people targeted and with an inalienable right to cast a vote in any such election, demand, in order to show any profound and irrevocable dissatisfaction with the selection of candidates chosen for election to political office, a default ballot paper provision of a box to tick at the bottom of any candidate list simply entitled, to register a loud and clear vote for all of the above …… None of the above

And it should be well known that to stand for election and then refuse to enter office is both fraudulent and offensive, and has one immediately disqualified from service and ineligible for expected public purse benefits and also most likely to be suitably prosecuted for the arrogant intent and wilful ignorant offence caused.

It is a simple undeniable fact that if things are not changed, everything remains the same, and that is paralysis and stagnation and indicative of a bankruptcy of novel thought and creative innovation which never ever delivers the chances and paths that supply progress and prosperity.

And that is where youse is all at, are you not …… wannabe lions led by dead wood donkeys ‽ .


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