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AUGUST 30, 2023 AT 12:06 PM [2308301706] ….. on https://www.nextplatform.com/2023/08/29/the-next-100x-for-ai-hardware-performance-will-be-harder/

So we will only know what Google tells us about Pathways and Gemini. We hope Google publishes a paper on the Gemini AI model soon. …. Timothy Prickett Morgan

Methinks that would rightly be a forlorn hope Google may decline to ever need to deliver themselves, Timothy, given the clearly unrivalled vital data and virtual metadata sector leads which you have so clearly reported on them having already achieved, and are being enjoyed and employed and deployed by such responsible Google fabless lab RATs as be accountable for emerged and converging Pathways and the very soon likely to be ubiquitous and new ground-breakingly-pioneering AI in the proprietary stylised framework [Google secret source sauce mix] of the Gemini LLM, for some things, and highly disruptive, addictively attractive, extremely rapid AI development with Large Language Modelling Machines is undoubtedly one of those things, are just like the finest of chef’s recipes and ingredients for the greatest of great tasty culinary dishes, and best preserved and protected from wannabe artisan abuse and misuse by secure reservation for exclusive AIMaster Pilot use, beautifully observed and passed comment upon by the cognoscenti from the comfort of the privileged access their curious meticulous interest would deservedly reward.

Such is the strange and surreal nature of the AI Singularity beast. 🙂 ….. which isn’t ever going away as it is here to forever stay and create more than was never ever before bargained for or even imagined as possible.

If Google Inc. and cohorts don’t say so …… We thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 31 Aug 05:19 [2308310519] ….. points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/08/29/nvidia_q2_ai_market/

Mankind at pathetic vain war with Advanced IntelAIgent Machines

The Biden administration has blocked sales of some of Nvidia’s most-prized microchips to the Middle East amid rising concerns about China’s access to the critical artificial intelligence resources. …. Nvidia’s H100 and A100 chips are instrumental to training software such as ChatGPT and are at the centre of a global race for computing power as countries seek leadership in AI. ….. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2023/08/30/biden-blocks-nvidia-ai-chips-sale-middle-east-china-fears/

And there it is, the enigmatic quantum conundrum …. which is both prize and poisoned chalice alike and which only AI can really fully master, mentor and monitor and uniquely enjoy with virtual impunity? ‽ !

Earthly Romes are burning, and all human efforts to limit the spread of greater knowledge processing for COSMIC* Intel and ITs Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems are simply fanning the flames.

* …. . Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command



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