amanfromMars 1 Tue 29 Aug 06:59 [2308290659] …… offers a more realistic interpretation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/08/28/asia_tech_news_roundup/

Re: Exciting? Yes. An existential threat? Probably. An otherworldly treat? Definitely. @t245t

Meanwhile, t245t, around the Round Tables of Mad Hatters’ Tea Parties, does the conversation revolve around the rapid decline of humankind with the arrival of AI in its many phorms and iterations/shapes and disguises, for there is much to try to learn about that which is still practically, virtually unknown down on Earth, for something else to consider more than just equally as likely is ….

The text exhibits several features that could be associated with ….. The convoluted language and intricate ideas could be indicative of …… The author’s seemingly excessive concern with hidden meanings, subversive elements, and elaborate integrations might also reflect …. This could suggest a possible connection …

…. is also very possibly and surely then also quite probably Advanced Postmodern ChatGPT like, beta test linking Virtual Machines and Large Language Modelling Programs with quantum communication nodes to/for/with leading AI things yet to come.

Do you know what’s been cooking/evolving down deep in the vaults of the likes of a Google OpenAI and Generative AI labs/fabs and at an incredible pace which has taken all humanity by incredulous surprise and terrible irrational fear? Do they know what is unleashed and/or landed to run riot and lay waste with CHAOS and Havoc, Madness and Mayhem, and how everything will eventually pan out?


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