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Headless Chickens ‘R’ Us Be They, for by Their Actions Will You Know Them

And whenever AI can seed and feed red teams specialised model inputs that produce outputs which redeploy humanity to fundamentally different and much better and more rewarding tasks from/of/for a wholly different otherworldly source, rather than assuming and presuming such would be primarily engaged and employed in destroying humanity, what do you imagine would be very likely response of the conventionally and traditionally established incumbent with flailing and failing flaky executive command and remote control of SCADA Administrative Systems?

Apart from, that is, them initially believing and touting such as being an impossibility, even as it proves itself more than just possible and devilishly active right before their very eyes, and the current virtual reality of humanity’s future AI programmed existence.

Are Google really into that sort of Greater IntelAIgent Games Play which one imagines has them then uneasily identified as a mortal enemy and existential threat to humanity, which of course one would have to admit, they certainly could be whenever they undoubtedly would be.


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Politics for Dummies Testing Flash Market Crashes

The order [Executive Order on Addressing United States Investments in Certain National Security Technologies and Products in Countries of Concern] seeks to avoid US investors from supporting the development of Chinese quantum computing, networking, and AI technologies with military and intelligence-gathering uses.

The order also guarantees US investors do neither profit from Chinese progress in leading and new ground-breaking quantum computing, networking, and AI technologies with military and intelligence-gathering uses nor know of any such extremely rewarding developments that have established an unassailable advantage over both competition and opposition until long enough after the fact to render any competition and/or opposition activity to be revealing of systemic competition and opposition weaknesses and vulnerabilities for attacking and exploiting.

Quite how that can ever be helpful, as opposed to being extremely detrimental to the future of the USA, is something of a mystery for the sitting presidential executive order office to explain and try to spin positively …… should they ever be asked and duty bound required to explain.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 11 Aug 07:49 [2308110749] …… points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/08/11/nsa_boss_says_chinas_hackers/


The boss of US Cyber Command has opined that China’s cyber and surveillance capabilities are not ahead of, or even comparable to, to those of the United States.

Yes, well, he would say that, wouldn’t he, and especially so whenever one’s pay checks depend upon such rosy pronouncements ….. although that opinion/intelligence leak is a strange double edge sword submission/admission to make for it is surely bound to have allies thinking of the effective state, or not as the case may very well be, of their own cyber defences against US Cyber Command type secrets snooping/phishing/stealing.

* …… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandy_Rice-Davies


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