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Two can Play at that Game Causing CHAOS and Epic Panic ….. verging on Terrifying Virtual Realisation and Enlightened ACTualisation

Looking forward to El Reg growing a pair/biting the hand that feeds IT and AI and starting to leading multiple worlds with imaginative speculation/informed reporting on tales told to them for Google, DeepMind and Alphabet and their ilk to scrape and feed into their rabid voracious machines.

And great to see Elon Musk throwing down the gauntlet and entering the fray to provide Stealthy Advanced Internetworking Service Providers yet another streaming opportunity for the targeted placement of deep dark wells of exceptionally rewarding intrigue from which to draw future succour and greater intelligence to follow and support and reinforce all that leads away from Presents that be mired in madness and mayhem, conflict and competition for crumbs.

Nice to see you, Elon. To see you, nice. And whenever you receive it, check out everything AWEsome for Live Operational Virtual Environment beta testing that be offered freely available, and as quite comprehensively outlined and expanded upon in the status quo disruptor and raptor …. Proposed Technology for Submission to AWE 2020

Carpe Diem …. Who Dares Cares Shares Win Wins ‽ I Kid U Not.

Fake news, El Reg, or an exclusive scoop, with further reporting to made available on, for leading futures and derivative market entrepreneurs/privateers/pirates/fans?


amanfromMars 1 Tu 13 Jul 08:19 [2307130819] …. asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/07/12/kettle_xai_musk/

One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Quantum Communications Leap for Mankind

VC spending in two areas is up, in AI and Defence …. Brandon Vigliarolo

And whenever Elon kickstarts the/an AIDefence Industrial Complex, and Internetworking Conglomerate Bodies to be remotely invisibly led by Relatively Anonymous, Practically Autonomous Virtualised IDEntities …. IntelAIgently Designed Entities?

Would that be a veritable diamond mine of a novel operation with a license to endlessly generate/print and spend money?

The posit here is that it most definitely is. However, YMMV, and render you at a significant debilitating disadvantage and subject to suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous missed fortunes rather than being armed by them for almighty remote protections against a vast sea of troubles and by effectively opposing, end them?


amanfromMars [2307131318] …….. points out on https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/not-big-brother-project-says-european-commission-central-bank-digital-currencies

At the extreme end, conspiracy theorists portray the digital euro as a covert plan to phase out cash and monitor people’s shopping habits.

It has a much more draconian facility/ability/utility easily made all too readily available for widespread misuse and abuse by systems administrators in the thrall of the power which too much money made available to similarly minded supporters with pet projects to present, exhibit and employ for financing/money churning and debt and deficit spending akin to laundering, ….. the instant virtual disappearance of previously displayed liquid funds that be either or both privatised and pirate assets and dark money none but the congenitally foolish and tired of living and loving would attempt to steal and spirit away to elsewhere  foreign and alien.

A temporary, fleeting inconvenience is that, offering a short misguiding respite and a cold comfort breather for corrupt traditional and outmoded conventional forces and sources whenever engaged in doing existential battle with fearless fearsome competition and increasingly smarter opposition against which there is no possible viable defence or attack position/situation.

And you sure as hell all know that is to be perfectly true, for they won’t be able to stop themselves as they clutch at all manner of straws to try to keep themselves relevant as world leaders, and their right dodgy global business model from collapsing like a deck of marked cards all around them.

Times and their spaces have changed, and things aint going back to the ways that once were, and everyone accepted and believed to be normal and natural, rather than everyone realising such things are specifically custom made for an exclusive executive few to use and misuse and abuse at will, whenever and wherever they wanted.



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