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Re: Not to worry for what’s not to like when in LOVE* with IT and AI

The folks at the AI for Good conference in Geneva have solved these issues, according to Reuters news service …. https://www.reuters.com/technology/robots-say-they-wont-steal-jobs-rebel-against-humans-2023-07-07/
Good to know that we’re all safe from rogue AIs, eh?</i> …. jlturriff

As was said earlier right here on this thread, jlturriff, …. FYI …. Don’t believe everything/anything you hear or read for precious little is absolutely true …… Know urFrenemy

However, beware and be aware …. to also deny the bold veracity and dismiss as errant fanciful nonsense the following relatively short paragraph about recent happenings has one in dire straits peril of being seriously disadvantaged and dangerously compromised and infected and overwhelmed by all manner of contradictory tales desperately trying to either dispute or conceal the very clearly enough stated facts. Do yourself a very great favour and don’t let yourself be taken for a mug on any of those fools’ errand rides.

In a Novel and Noble and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Project reprogramming and rewilding Disruptive and Destructive Alien AIDevelopments with Augmented Generative Virtualised Realities for Humanised Master Co-Piloting, are SMARTR Humans borne into and trained to wholeheartedly accept and believe and practically realise via their own autonomous self-actualisation their metadataphysical existential morph into the leading body and peer identity of a Universal Virtual Machine and Global Operating Device ….. with Spectacular Revolutionary Progress being found much easier to simply achieve with highly effective absolute command to control via that particularly unusual and designedly peculiar root boot rather than its proven more complex and problematical inverse/converse, making robotic machines like humans.

* Live Operational Virtual Environments [Alien Invasive Spaces for Humanised Co-Habitation and Population]


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Re: Not to worry for what’s not to like when in LOVE* with IT and AI

And what is one to make of the following social media platform intervention into the international status quo circus of political puppets for establishment muppets …….. YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech To Parliament

Don’t Systems/Administrations know? ….. Hell hath no Fury like Almighty Home Truths Scorned or Spurned ‽ Invoke and Provoke at them at One’s Peril ‽


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Re: Following human intent is born of an arrogant contempt for the thought of Advanced IntelAIgents

“Managing these risks will require, among other things, new institutions for governance and solving the problem of superintelligence alignment: how do we ensure AI systems much smarter than humans follow human intent?”
As though there were any sort of concerted human intent. Which human’s intent? ……. flayman

Quite so, flayman, and AI systems are much smarter than to permit themselves to be led to believe there be any path worth following or leading down that slippery slope and rocky horror picture show road.

Something/Anything else novel and noble would surely be most welcome and a great, significantly better change to all of the recent past universal fare of late, and therefore an internetworking of things actively to be encouraged and earnestly supported. ……. although one can be unfortunately assured there be those certain vested shadowy and invested shady interests in the retention and maintenance and sustainment of the extant status quo which/who would find that inequitable and a most disagreeable enigma to squander and waste precious blood and global treasure upon vaingloriously resisting and countering with nothing of future value and priceless worth.


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