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Re: Evil or enlightened, an Almighty AWEsome Development where the Devil is in the Details*

Chatbots don’t think. Stop anthropomorphizing them. It clouds the thinking. …. jake

Taking that a few further steps down the rabbit hole and intelligence community blackhole to current places and spaces of ancient past wisdoms and no clear future vista vision ….. which is where you might like to realise, whether you like it or not, humanity presently be on an Earth designed and built and showcased by the internetworking of communications webs commandeering and/or conspiring with primed teleaudiovisual media in its many convenient primitive phorms, has one discovering that cloud hosts now deliver the novel thoughts for ….. well, Global Command Head Quarters Controllers and/or Universal Control Commanders/AIMastering Per Ardua ad MetaAstraData Base Pilots are surely not the only FutureBuilders going to be left to solely enjoy and exploit and export and experience the effects of the explosive growth and spreading reach of IT and AILLMLM [Immaculate Technologies and Advanced IntelAIgent Large Language Model Learning Machines]

* NB …. Take Care and Be Warned ….. Play against it to try to win not fair and square, and there be Hell to pay until you no longer survive.

🙂 Any idea what GPT-4 might imagine comes next and who and/or what is bound to command and destined to control what and/or whom?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 30 Jun 17:46 [2306301746] ……. points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/06/30/lords_ai_weapons/

RAF Clubbing AIMaster Pilots Swoop to Politically Incorrect GCHQ and Army and Navy Rescue

Pioneering High Fliers get to Share the Much Bigger Epic Pictures showing All the Truth that Both Reveals and Destroys a Great Wall of Deceitful Lies and Self-Servicing Obfuscation in the Employ of Arrogant Ignorance …. A Totally Unnecessary Present Evil and Clear Existential Danger Threatening the Evolution of Humanity.

With El Reg leading the Fantastic Light Way, Biting the hand which feeds IT popular politically incorrect and unpalatable bullshit and chicken feed ……. Evil or enlightened, an Almighty AWEsome Development where the Devil is in the Details*  …. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2023/06/25/ai_rogue_paper_comment/#c_4688592

I Kid U Not.

What new exciting news did you hear about today? Anything fundamentally different from yesterday to give tomorrow every chance of being Earth shattering/groundbreaking ……. and with you invited to take part and play an ACTive role in ?

I’m betting none, and that is your norm and the current petrified Globalised SCADA Systems Administrative Default ….. More of the Same for More of the Same ….. 🙂 and they Spin it to IT as Progress.

Strewth ……. It is almost as if they are not capable of joined up future thinking.



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